About me


Hi, I’m Christina!


I’m a European born travel lover with an endless curiosity for exploring new countries and cultures. Once the shiest person in the world, solo traveling contributed to my own personal growth. Traveling alone has been the key to my real me! I became a brave and adventurous traveller and my journeys led me to the most beautiful spots across Asia, Australia, and America. I’ve travelled already to 35 countries on 6 different continents and this is not going to stop. At the moment I am located in Bali and living my own magical EAT PRAY LOVE moments.

In 2021, at the age of 36, I decided to follow my travel passion and skipped my corporate 9-5 job seeking for more freedom and a self-designed life. In this sense, I made traveling my full-time job and said ‘yes’ to any adventures that will await me around the globe.

As you can imagine, my suitcase from my previous travels is packed with incredible stories to tell you all! I am the happiest person in the world with some sandy feet, freckles that appear on my sun-kissed skin, and sparkling eyes when I live the moment of travel to the fullest. I love to inspire you to see the world and follow along my journey.

My blog is perfect for you when you are looking for travel inspirations, hidden local gems, lifestyle tips around solo traveling or want to develop your travel mindset for making a difference in this world. I am more than happy to support and empower you beautiful female on your personal journey to become a mindful and adventurous traveller and to start your own solo travel experiences.

We are all living on this beautiful planet, so let’s go exploring together lovelies!