7 ultimate ways to cure your wanderlust when you can’t travel.

Wanderlust (noun) = a strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world

What a bitter sweet feeling! I feel you so much, babe!! Sometimes it hits you hard on a rainy day, a poor day at work or all the way in between. I truly understand you travel lovely, we can’t get our feet still until we can travel the next time. I can’t count the many days suffering from wanderlust! Therefore, I would love to share my ultimate tips with you to cure your wanderlust and especially in case you can’t travel right away. My tips help you with renewing your old memories and creating new ones. Most importantly, it’s all about building a connecting with the good times you’ve had and bringing it together with hope in your mind ensuring you will experience more great adventures pretty soon.


one. Reanimate your travel memories.

The first tip to better cope with wanderlust, is to confront yourself with the happy times you miss the most. You can look through pictures you’ve taken or videos about your past adventures. I am sure tons of beautiful moments or stories will pop into your head then. Once the memories are activated you can dig deeper and think about them and in this sense curing your wanderlust. Maybe you can recreate a special situation in your mind starting from only one picture you’ve seen. And further, intensify your positive feelings with looking at much more pictures and videos. You got this babe!

Another option is to watch a movie or documentary about your dream country which will let you feel “I’ve been there, too” and “Wow, it was so beautiful there”. Additionally, you can listen to travel podcasts or podcasts sharing information about your dream destination bringing back all the great memories and positive feelings in you.

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two. Start with travel journaling.

You can create a photobook to recall travel memories much better and keep them alive. In this sense, you not only recall memories, you deal with them as you create something out of them. A more appealing option might also be to arrange a travel memory box where you can place everything in that reminds you of your amazing previous travels: Photos, travel gimmick, old boarding passes, tickets, etc.

Besides, you could start with travel journaling. In your own travel journal (i.e. an empty book or wanderlust journal) you write down your greatest experiences and take-aways from your previous travels and adventures. And you can also write down what you are missing actually the most and how you are feeling at the moment. Dealing with emotions is so important, especially for us women! Travel journaling of course can help you to cure your wanderlust but also to recap on travel situations, lets you reflect on what you’ve experienced and what you can learn from your travels. You grow personally which is a great plus of this idea.


three. Talk to your travel buddies.

It is always a great idea to talk to the ones you’ve travelled with about your past experiences. I guess that funny stories will make you all laugh together again and cure everyones’ wanderlust. You can also meet and talk to travel addicted ones that also have been visiting your dream destination. What experiences have they made? You can talk about the same places, situations, adventures and it is perfect to share these with people who have done simply the same thing. Otherwise, you can find other travel lovelies to talk to. This community of adventurous travellers is the perfect opportunity to interact with like-minded female solo travellers. You can decide to eat together at a restaurant or visit your travel triggers as suggested in my next ultimate tip to cure your wanderlust.


four. Find your travel triggers.

Especially, food and places operate as great reminders. You can make use of suchlike meaningful reminders when you start visiting a special place (e.g. restaurant, building, garden, facility) at your home town. Or eat a dish that strongly reminds you of a situation or an experience you’ve encountered during your travels (e.g. special coffee, unique dish, special taste). So to say, they operate as travel triggers and let you instantly feel being somewhere else with all the positive feelings you recall. This has always been a true game changer for me! Another travel trigger could be a special dress you’ve bought and now start to wear reminding you of beautiful summer days. How does it feel? Or you smell a special scent as some of us women have a dedicated olfactory memory. Same so for decor pieces or other amazing stuff you’ve brought home from your travels that remind you easily of a happy wanderlust situation.

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five. Explore culture at your own city.

Instead of traveling to a foreign country, sometimes the foreign country comes to your place and brings you happy locals just right around the corner. This is like magic is happening, when you eat out at an international restaurant operated by immigrants. Apart from their beautiful culture and their unique dishes, they have a lot to share about their own history and the country they’re born or lived in. From my own experience, they are more than happy when you talk and interact with them. If it’s a nice introduction into their typical meals or new insights about their daily life.

Apart from food, you can go and buy a decor piece from a foreign country. If it’s an interior shop selling imported products or a gardening vendor selling plants that come originally from your dream destination. In that sense you can decorate your home like being on vacation and bringing such happy feelings back to your place.

Further, you can visit museums, cultural sights, or art galleries at your home town. In this way, you go on an exploration tour that can also show you so much more cultural insights and even lets you become a tourist in your own city.

Another great idea is to take a course to learn more about the culture of other countries. This could be a cultural exchange or training, a language class, or an art class where you paint typical national art, play a typical musical instrument or do an inspiring cooking class and learning a new cooking technique. The latter might get offered from the great international restaurants mentioned above. I am sure you’re going to enjoy it as much as I do, girl!


six. Get inspired by a new destination.

The next tip to best cure your wanderlust is less of bringing back old memories and more of creating new ones. This time, you should let yourself get inspired by new dream destinations. If it’s a movie or documentary you’ve watched, a podcast you’ve listened to or a travel article or book you’ve read. Or some beautiful pictures you’ve seen on an Instagram or Pinterest feed. Let it flow! Get inspired and let it all freely flow. What do you like? What would you like to see and do? Should it be warm or cold climate there? Using Instagram or Pinterest saving or pinning function is absolutely perfect to save everything you find interesting. Later on, you can have a look at what you’ve liked and literally saved the most. This could probably be your next travel destination, hell yeah!

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seven. Start planning your next trip.

Starting to do travel research or planning helps you to deal with wanderlust as it produces a thrill of anticipation. Get inspired by new ideas, about your potential route, and all the things to see and do along your journey. Further, you can start thinking about future situations: How will you feel the next time on an airplane, when arriving in a new country, and so forth. Thinking about the future shifts your mind from your current unsatisfied mind caused by the wanderlust to a positive travel anticipation. Finally booking your next adventure intensifies this anticipative mood as it brings you closer to your next destination on your travel bucket list.


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.

How do you best cure your wanderlust, love? Do you want to add your tips or need a special advice on how to find your travel triggers? Please leave your comments and thoughts below and share these insights with other travel lovelies. 

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