5 unique hotels in Bali with those unforgettable EAT PRAY LOVE vibes.

Who is not in love with the famous EAT PRAY LOVE movie, girl? I mean those Balinese vibes and places are just stunning and make the love story even more romantic. I literally don’t know about any girl who doesn’t wish to find love in Bali, me included tbh <3

So those Eat Pray Love vibes also get reflected in the many amazing hotels to spend the nights at in Bali. And I have picked my favorite 5 for you! You’ll love them as much as I do. And as you might know already, Bali is a super safe and inspiring place to travel to alone as a woman (read my other post to find out more). So to say, booking yourself in at one of those amazing hotels is just the cherry on the cake, it will make your travel adventure to Bali unforgettable. And I know what I am talking about as I have spent nearly one year in Bali. Let’s dive right in! For which one would you decide, love?

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1. Hideout Bali (Selat, East Bali)

Moving closer to the East of Bali, in Selat you’ll find the wonderful Hideout Bali hidden in the mountains. This accommodation is just pure bliss and allows for those special nights out in the jungle and to watch the stars and galaxies right from your spot. Decide to go for one of their bamboo houses, e.g. the Eco Bamboo House, the Cocoon, or Falcon. All of their houses come with different styles and shapes making it truly an unforgettable experience for you, babe.

Home: hideoutbali.com
Instagram: @hideout



2. Bisma Eight Ubud (Ubud, Central Bali)

In the heart of Ubud you’ll find Bisma Eight another great of those Eat Pray Love vibing hotels in Bali. A unique location that comes with an atmosphere of both relaxation and enjoyment whereby care has been taken to use organic Balinese materials and artifacts. Bisma Eight always goes the extra mile when it comes to their customer service. You can book yourself in one of their suites or private villas hidden in lush greenery. Make yourself at home in this stunning surrounding, explore Ubud, and immerse in their Mandala Spa.

Home: bisma-eight.com
Instagram: @bismaeightubud



Travel babe, are you looking for the greatest EAT PRAY LOVE things to do in Bali besides accommodations? I keep you covered. Here are the 10 most iconic EAT PRAY LOVE places in Bali. The best cafes, beaches, markets, waterfalls, and so so much more. You will definitely not gonna miss out those extra adventures on your solo travels to Bali!


3. Kappa Senses Ubud (Ubud, Central Bali)

Kappa Senses in Ubud is that luxury resort that you definitely don’t wanna miss, babe. Whether you’ll pick their jungle suit, deluxe suite or villa, you will not be left disappointed. Surrounded by stunning rice fields, this is the perfect spot to relax and find peace. What about some time in their wellness and spa facilities or just relax with a good book on your balcony overlooking the rice fields? And in between go for a swim in the pool or hop into the private jacuzzi in your private villa. Sounds like those EAT PRAY LOVE magical moments? Go and find them here.

Home: kappasenses.com
Instagram: @kappasensesubud



4. Villa Amantes Bingin (Uluwatu, South Bali)

This is one of my absolutely favorite places to stay in the South of Bali! Next to the best surf spots, white sandy beaches, you’ll find Villa Amantes hidden in jungle of the countryside. The perfect getaway spot for sure that combines Balinese tradition and culture with cool surfer vibes. Besides, Villa Amantes features only a few villas that keep the atmosphere very intimate and cozy overall. Everything that they do at Villa Amantes, they do it with 1,000%: best service, most delicious breakfast, and the coziest villas for your solo travels. You’ll reside in your own villa for your best sleep, have a private outdoor bathroom, and a big pool to relax and watch the sun set over Uluwatu.

Home: aftamantes.net/bali
Instagram: @amantesbinginvilla



5. White Tortoise Eco Villas (Uluwatu, South Bali)

Another of those great Eat Pray Love hotels in Bali is White Tortoise Eco Villas which offers adults-only villas and houses. Those incredible villas come with their own outdoor pool and sundeck and overlook the stunning island of Bali and the ocean. This accommodation offers everything you request for a tranquil stay and pure relaxation. White Tortoise features only 5 villas so an intimate getaway is guaranteed. No need to leave this heaven on earth as they also feature a restaurant for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. Of course you can leave the place to enjoy your day at the beach and then return for sleeping like a baby girl on your solo travels.

Home: whitetortoisebali.com
Instagram: @whitetortoisebali



Is this your first time traveling to Bali? No worries, as I already mentioned Bali is one of those destinations that are super safe for women to travel to and especially all by yourself. Don’t overthink it too much and don’t be concerned. Here are my tips for staying safe as a woman traveling alone, eating out alone, going out alone, and boosting your confidence whenever you need this, girl!


Which one of those incredible accommodations in Bali would you love to pick for your next solo travels? Please leave your comments and thoughts below and share these insights with other travel lovelies. Find me on the ‘gram @storiesoutofthesuitcase and don’t hesitate to reach out, kk? Bali already awaits you 

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