7 simple tips to have a great time eating out alone while traveling.

Tips for Eating Out Alone

Hey babe! Trying local food is always the best: tacos in México, pizza in Italy, street food in Thailand. So eating out alone will definitely be a highlight of your solo journey around the world. On my own solo trips I absolutely don’t want to miss those yummy pleasures and they always motivate me to go out and eat out. Especially, when you are into fine dining and sitting in a restaurant for a 6-course menu, the feelings of being somewhat embarrassed and not knowing where to look at anymore, is a feeling I truly understand! Check out my 7 simple tips below making it your greatest time when eating out alone.


1. Change your own mindset

First of all, nobody is judging you for eating out alone, why should they? Make yourself free from any negative thoughts, girl. The people around you in a restaurant will have their own conversations, probably not even realizing that you are eating out alone, and even when noticing, it is absolutely nothing wrong about it! Instead people will start to interact with you more easily and are happy to chat as they want to make it more comfortable for you as you are obviously just by yourself. Definitely it will need you to switch your thoughts from embarrassment to excitement about a great eat out.


2. Be open-minded and curious

Staying curious about the food that you will experience when eating out, this will be your greatest motivator, babe! There is so much to feel, see, and ready for you to explore when eating out. When not going out, you will miss such a great experience! And I don’t mean just the food! It’s all about the atmosphere, the new things you will learn and the people you are about to meet on this eat out. But you have to go out, leave your hotel room and make it happen. This comes in line with being open-minded towards any experience and situation that will await you. So, go out and do it!!


3. Pick your ideal place to eat

The way you will feel comfortable when eating out alone will lay in your own hands. I mean some feel more comfortable within restaurants that are more easy-going, have a bar style or food hall and attracting more outgoing and local clients. Other ones feel it in a luxury restaurant location. From my point of view and directing at you being new to eating out alone: I would say it is easier to dine somewhere in a smaller restaurant with a cheaper price level, one-course rather than 6-course menu (it does not last for hours!), and having a more relaxed dining atmosphere that comes with more communicative guests. Thus, an Italian bar will work easier for you than a high-class multi-course venue in Italy.


4. Reserve your table online

Other tips for eating out alone on your trips deal with reservations. Making use of online booking services will help you to avoid potential awkward situations when getting asked at the entrance “Only you?”. Besides, the restaurants can prepare a great spot for you, when they already know in advance that you will eat at their place by yourself. Another plus is that you could leave a comment mentioning your seating preferences while booking online. Maybe a place in the back or on a specific side of your preference that you could state. In case you love the adventure babe, don’t leave a comment and get surprised about the table they’ll prepare for you.



5. Engage in table activities

Just sitting at the table will not do you a favor! For example, you could bring a book and enjoy reading while waiting for your order. Or you could engage in travel journaling or in some creative thoughts. Besides, you could research about activities you want to do on the other day or plan your next activities. This will all help to calm your mind in case that those negative self-limiting thoughts will come up again when eating out alone. Before starting to feel embarrassed, engage in things that you love and enjoy your time and the atmosphere in the restaurant.


6. Start interacting with staff

Apart from the table activities mentioned, you could start talking to the staff. If you are lucky, they suggest a speciality or bring you something extra from the kitchen. Learn about the meal and learn about the culture of the country you are visiting. Besides, staff can answer any of your questions as they know their country or city always the best. Want to know about their recommended sights? Would like to receive a special tip about a location? That’s your ultimate chance, girl! From my experience, staff has been always super friendly to me as a solo wanderer and wanted to make my time as comfortable and great as possible.


7. Savor the food by yourself

The final tips for having a great time when eating out alone are ready for you, love: Savor the food to the fullest! Do not rush, and enjoy the meal by yourself. This is your incredible ME time, appreciate the food and just enjoy your food with full attention, activate all of your senses while you get less distracted. This is also a great way to practice mindfulness. How does the food look like? How does it taste? How does it feel in your mouth? What different tastes can you experience? Happy eating out and I am pretty sure that you will enjoy this experience and even more when doing it the many next times on your solo travels.



It’s true like for any other discipline: the more you practice the better it gets! I remember myself suffering from many self-limiting beliefs when it came to solo travel. One of them was the fact which I thought is absolutely true, i.e. ‘I would not be able to manage being alone’. And it was what it was, a simple thought that wanted me to stay in my personal comfort zone. And as described, I practiced and became better and today I am absolutely happy with enjoying myself and a great meal alone. And I don’t need to share it with someone else, that’s of course great!

Want to learn more about my 7 personal self-limiting beliefs about solo travel? I will tell you how solo travel changed my beliefs and my life. And you’ll learn how they will for you too, babe!

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// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.

Do you have any additional tips for eating out alone as solo female traveller? I would love to hear about your thoughts and tips! Please leave your comments and thoughts below or share them on social media @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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