7 self-limiting beliefs I successfully overcame through solo travel.

Welcome back to the solo female travel blog, travel lovely! In this post I will elaborate on my previous solo travels and how I overcame several self-limiting beliefs that would have wanted me to cancel every solo trip I was planning! I got often asked, have you ever been so confident in traveling solo? Have you had no fears doing it? Have you never been scared of being alone in a foreign country?

To be super honest with you, yes I have been scared many many times and it was hard to overcome some of my self-limiting beliefs I nurtured myself for so many years. But all changed since I got myself out there and started traveling solo! Still today, my ego is knocking on my travel mindest from time to time and reminding me of things that could go wrong. In such situations, I appreciate my fear and anxiety coming up and showing me to reflect a few things and take care of myself on my next solo journey. However, allow these emotions to be there but don’t rely on them too strongly.

As I can tell y’all, your first solo trip is going to be epic and will help you so much in overcoming your own self-limiting beliefs about solo travel. Let’s see what my self-limiting beliefs have looked like before I solo travelled for the first time.


#1 I wouldn’t be able to manage being alone.

I think this is truly a basic belief as we are all humans and don’t want to be or left alone somewhere, we want to belong to a group of people. Before I travelled solo, I relied strongly on other people. I thought, ‘when no one is traveling with me, I will not travel’. This is sooo self-destructive as you have the wish and desire for travel and make the realization dependent on other people. What often stands behind such negative decisions, is the fear of being alone, being not confident to get it done, or not trusting yourself and the world that much. As I learned many times, traveling solo doesn’t mean to stay alone all the time!

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#2 I wouldn’t be outgoing enough.

As you might know from my about me page on this blog, I have been the shiest person in the world without having much confidence and being not very well experienced with traveling in general. I was often very dependent on other people’s opinions and their actions and stayed very passive with my own ideas. When no one would have asked me to go out, I wouldn’t have asked them and would have rather stayed solo at home. If this fits your personal description at the moment, don’t worry! You will get out of your shell on solo travels so easily, because you have to in terms of boarding a flight, grabbing some food and hopping on an adventure as you want to experience the country, right? This is your chance and it is just one decision away <3

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#3 I wouldn’t make proper decisions.

In line with my lack of confidence and self-trust I was convinced that I am unable to make the right decisions on my solo travels. Especially as a new country can be overwhelming and so out of your comfort zone. I mean there is a lot to think about and as we all know, plans can change spontaneously. Whether it is an activity you booked that got cancelled or a flight rescheduled affecting your transfer, accommodations, etc. Trusting yourself that you have the ability to make decisions and that your travels will be great (no matter how much you struggle at first sight!), is definitely something you’ll learn. Besides, you’ll gain a more positive attitude, become more spontaneous and will react even better to happenings and changing situations.

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#4 I wouldn’t feel safe in my own skin.

When you’re unhappily raised in a very insecure setting, your self-confidence and trust will be limited to some extent. And unfortunately, this will also affect how you perceive traveling in general, new foreign countries and of course the safety issues in any new encounter. Well, this was me, totally scared of everything and everyone, thinking that any person approaching me would just want to rob and kill me. And yes, this was not a very good basis for traveling SOLO.

From deep inside I wanted to see the world but my anxiety hopped onto the aircraft together with me. The more I explored, saw, and met new people, the anxiety got quieter in my head. The more experiences you’ll make (good and bad of course!), the more safe you’ll feel in your own skin. And the world is so damn beautiful and waiting for you. Your negative thoughts should better not stop you! Read here why traveling solo holds so many amazing benefits ready for you!



#5 I would end up in dangerous situations.

The next of my self-limiting beliefs focusing on solo travel deals with safety. As mentioned already, I was freakin’ scared of literally everything and everyone. And those absolutely self-limiting beliefs often destroyed great chances and opportunities compared with any other confident traveller walking the world with eyes wide open and soaking in all the beauty our planet has to offer. I was convinced that my lack of ability to make proper decisions would get me into tons of dangerous situations. I’ll promise, the more you travel solo, the more you will hear your gut feelings approach you and tell you what to do in which situation. You will learn so much about yourself and find your real you that walks the way in her best version!


#6 I would loose all my valuables.

Following my lack of making proper decisions and my fears in any situation in a new foreign country, the main conclusion I could give myself was to get robbed and loose all my valuables. And in the last consequence not to be able to come home to my comfort zone. And wait? Yes, my comfort zone wanted me back so badly and telling me that I have to loose everything first, before she would take me back and saying that she always knew this would happen? Em, no! Dear comfort zone, I decide when I come back and guess what, I will not! And I will not get robbed to do you this favor. As you see, don’t worry too much and don’t overthink it. Bad things can happen, however, when you follow a few tips and your own clever human mind, you will be absolutely great!

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#7 I would get lost and find no help.

And finally my self-limiting belief regarding solo travel convinced me of getting lost in a foreign country and finding no help to get out of there again. Feeling lost and helpless is just another manifestation of not feeling confident and lacking trust in the whole travel thing, I guess. So why keeping those thoughts? You can ask for any help, there are no issues with it! And so often I asked for help while traveling solo although we had no common language we could use for communication. Writing, showing pictures, gestures will do wonders! And it could be anything, help for finding a way, help for calling someone, or even an emergency. You are never alone!

Absolutely yes, you are not alone when traveling alone! And you have always the choice to be alone or not. It’s up to you, girl! Recently, I had the opportunity to interview 5 amazing solo travel queens who took the first leap and until now can’t resist to roam the planet all alone. In the interviews, they told me their truly personal stories, how they all started and how it turned out for them in terms of solo traveling. The highlights of those interviews can be found here. Always happy to inspire all ambitious females out there!



Let’s face it, self-limiting beliefs regarding solo travel can be super frustrating but we can beat them! The first big step is hopping on a solo trip and beating all fears, showing ourselves that we can handle new situations, that we can trust ourselves and that everything will turn out great! I realized that my self-talk changed through solo travel and my mind started to motivate me iso limiting me and sending me anxiety that would have stopped me finally. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my feminine heart and hope you can make such amazing travel experiences on your next solo journey!

If you need that little boost for your confidence, I keep you covered! Click on my other posts for the greatest 10 techniques for becoming confident AF and 25 affirmations dedicated to all ambitious females who wish to take the solo travel leap. AND you have to know that solo traveling is that tool to improve 10 of your skills at once, such as confidence, resilience, creativity, self-love, organizational skills and so many more! I’ve been there and I can tell you that solo traveling is the key to your personal growth. Continue reading here to learn more about those 10 skills that solo traveling has a major positive impact on.

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// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.

Do those self-limiting beliefs about solo travel resonate with you? You need support with overcoming your own ones? Please leave your comments and thoughts below or DM me on social media @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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