10 amazing skills that women can improve through solo traveling.

Looking back at all my journeys around the world I have been on solo, I’ve learned so many great things about myself. And I grew personally in a lot of amazing ways. Once the shiest person in the world, solo traveling was the key for me to develop and let my true you shine and bloom. When traveling alone as a woman, you are truly by yourself. If challenges happen, you have to deal with them, make your own decisions, and create solutions. You will start to adapt yourself to new moments, culture & people, gain more empathy for the locals and improve your communication skills further. Becoming both resilient and independent is just another great plus to your own personal development. Continue reading to find out more about the different skills that you develop through solo traveling, babe.


1. Adaptability

First of all, new situations require you to adapt yourself to them. Whether you want this to happen or not, you just have to! Everything that’s in your comfort zone will not be available at that other place – let’s imagine you travel out of your home country at least. You have to find alternatives for food & activities, you will have to be open to allow new things making you happy. Once you are good at adapting yourself to the new, you will simply love it!


2. Organisation & Decision-Making

New situations request you to make decisions! Remember you are on your own, so your own decisions will determine the outcome for you. Not making a decision will bring you anywhere on your solo travels, girl! Further, to get things done, you’ll have to start organizing everything. Like transportation, trips, events. And additional planning skills will improve, too. Starting with zero skills in that area? After your first solo journey, you’ll have them, promised!


3. Intuition

There is nothing more special and trustworthy, than your own intuition, babe! That gut feeling that is telling you what to do and which way to go. Instead of residing in your head (“That’s too dangerous, don’t do it.”), listen to your beautiful inner voice (“You always wanted to go there, so go, could be great!”). Let your intuition guide you along your solo journey. The more often you listen to her, the louder & clearer her voice becomes.

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4. Self-love & Confidence

Babe, when traveling alone it’s totally up to you to pick your favorite destination, activities, restaurants, etc. In that sense you completely follow along your own dreams and to make them come true for you. Overall, it’s a kind act of love towards yourself. And you’ll handle all those situations so well (some might be more challenging than others). Thus, a strong level of confidence will grow inside you, that brave travel woman is about to bloom.

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5. Problem-Solving

So when challenging situations or problems arise during your solo travels, you will learn how to deal with them, and you will have to step out of your comfort zone to handle them. In the beginning it might be challenging to get everything solved just by yourself (especially if you aren’t used to it). But you will improve your problem-solving skills through solo traveling. You will feel more confident, less scared, and solving situations will become easier soon.


6. Creativity

Been thrown into the unknown is sometimes not easy, I feel you, girl! However, you will learn to embrace the unknown and be excited about her rather than scared or anxious. And the more often you get exposed to an unknown situation, the more experiences you will make, the easier the handling will be in the future, and the more creative you become in general. That’s because you’ve seen so many different perspectives, gone through so many diverse moments, and you become able to combine different thoughts and that’s creativity!


7. Resilience

I mean who wouldn’t freak out when being somewhere completely alone and an unwanted, unpredictable situation arises? Nevertheless, the more moments you’ve gone through, the more confident you will turn and solving problems become ways more comfortable. Overall, you personal level of resilience will increase, letting you not freak out right away because of a tiny little problem.

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8. Empathy

On your solo travels, you’ll meet so many new and interesting people, will get in contact with culture and experience so diverse perspectives. And of course, those new perspectives will question your previous thoughts and beliefs. In that sense you’ll undergo perspective-taking and a deeper understanding for other people. That’s when you grow in being empathetic.


9. Communication

Finding yourself in a completely new culture, probably not speaking the local language, requires you to level up your communication skills through solo traveling. The way you communicate, the words & body language that you use while undergo a refinement. In line with your growing empathy, communication will become easier and more respectful as you start understanding each other better and value each other’s perspectives even more.


10. Independence

Traveling solo comes with that ultimate freedom. Appreciate it and enjoy your independence, girl! You have it in your own hands to make your trip epic and also being ready to receive unforgettable moments. Being happy with just yourself & enjoying the time alone will be another skill that you’ll learn. Those solo moments will let you bring closer to your true self.



Girl, I am super happy that you are here and interested in solo traveling for a very good reason. And this is YOU! Solo traveling is like the ultimate kind act and self-care moment for you. And beyond all those great skills you’ll develop through solo traveling, you will find yourself. Because sometimes you have to go abroad to find the way back to your true self. On my blog with more than 50 great posts, find further 10 great reasons why traveling solo is so amazing. I’ll also teach you how to be more in your feminine when traveling solo and in case you have concerns about loneliness while traveling, I’ll keep you covered.


/ Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


How’s your solo traveling going, girl? Let me know about your past experiences and what your are looking forward the most? How have you changed since you hopped onto your first solo journey? I’d love to read through your comments and thoughts below or on social media, don’t hesitate to send me a DM @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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