The best feminine activities for you when traveling alone, girl!

Traveling is on, babe! When traveling just by yourself you are your own travel queen in charge to pick your activities, decide on what to do during the days and nights, and to follow along your own dreams and wishes when traveling abroad. For sure traveling in general is mind-blowing, but following along your own wishes makes it even more memorable for you and overall happy af of course. So today, I’d love to talk about femininity when traveling solo as a woman. What exactly are the characteristics of feminine and masculine and how do they affect the way we travel as women? And I can tell you, they affect it a lot! So let’s dive in right away.


Feminine solo traveling

In general, there are huge differences between the qualities of the feminine, which include being more caring, receiving, intuitive, and creative and the masculine being more in the doing, planning, dominant mode. And those differences affect the way women should travel to be fully aligned with their feminine. Traveling as an aligned female is all about sensuality, sensitivity, intuition, flow, culture, slowing down, and receiving and attracting incredible moments, experiences, and people into your life. For sure this does not mean you are not allowed to plan and structure and do those activities, but after planning, you should go with the flow and enjoy your time the best as possible without continuous hustling.

As we women are all so different and unique, those travel tips and activities listed below definitely address your feminine side but of course there is no limit to it. In general, all activities are great that let you feel so aligned with yourself and your heart. And all activities that give you that ultimate travel bliss and all those vibes screaming “fuck yes!”.


1. Follow your intuition

First of all comes your intuition! This is your inner compass coming up with ideas and feelings to guide you along the way. Depending on how much connected you already feel with your intuition (some of us might be more driven by the anxious ego rather than the appreciative intuition), you might hear her voice whispering “hi, let’s go to that cafe today” or “you need that dress, go to this shop in xyz” or “you always wanted to dive, so today’s the day”. That’s your intuition giving you permission to explore new places and activities from which you can grow personally (always remember, your ego usually comes up with a shit show and all problems that hinder you from doing something new because it is its task to keep you safe). I highly recommend you to train to listen to your gorgeous intuition because she always guides you to the right places at the right time.

In line with your femininity goes your female cycle, babe. On some days of our cycle we love taking actions and playing around and on some days we just need to relax. What I can recommend you for your next solo travel journey, is written in this blog post. Grab my tips around your wonderful cycle for free.

You’d like to go out and dance all night long? But concerned to do this by yourself? No worries, been there done that and those nights were truly the ones that I most remember as they turned out as the best ones of my life! The people you are about to meet and the moments you’ll share are just unforgettable. Depending on what you wanna do, babe, get my advices for going out alone and enjoy the nightlife to the fullest!


2. Use your sensitivity & sensuality

Together with feminine goes the feeling of emotions, using all your senses, being sensual and sensitive. Further, the feminine loves cultural moments, people, meeting locals, communication, nature, animals, flowers, nourishing food, self-care, dancing it out, beautiful design & decor and so on. I mean, those magical moments so often come true when traveling, right? Those are exactly those kind of moments when you feel yourself and the world around you fully with only your senses, being in your body not in your head. Imagine a night at the beach, feeling the sand under your feet and looking up to the sky to see it fully covered with stars. This is it, this is sensual femininity in its pure form!

You want to intensify your travel experiences? In my other blog post I’ll tell you more about how to use your five senses in the appropriate way to make your memories even more memorable.


3. Embrace self-care moments

Girl, this part is so important when deciding on female activities for your solo travels. Every girl is longing for getting pampered! Those are the real self-care moments that do your body, mind, and soul an incredible favor. Let’s talk about massages, spa retreats, beauty and facial treatments, manicure and pedicure, or a new haircut. And it’s all about pleasure, going shopping, getting dressed up for a special occasion, feeling gorgeous in a new dress, feeling sexy and sensual, or meditation, candles, nourishing food. And why not getting a professional photoshoot that exactly catches your wonderful appearance and stores it on the pictures forever?

I feel you, sometimes we are not as confident as we would love to be, especially, when it comes to solo traveling! However, we can boost our confidence: check out my most recommended 10 techniques to boost your self-confidence, girl! And here you find even more tips on how to best deal with body issues that might hinder you from roaming the planet just by yourself.

If you are so much in love with golden jewelry, I have the best labels for you which further produce their pieces in an ethical way and that’s definitely a thing nowadays.


4. Be creative

Women are meant to be creative and create something. This could be realized through courses when people come together like a cooking class (e.g. in Bali, Indonesia) or a language course. Think about being creative in a painting class or a perfume creation course creating your own unique perfume (e.g. in Grasse, France) or crafting your own lantern (e.g. in Hoi An, Vietnam). It’s also about learning something new, improving your skills, meeting other powerful women and interacting with locals. If you are into photography, you could meet with other women and go on a day trip taking pictures and having a good time together.

Improving your creativity is definitely a thing when traveling solo as a woman! What other great benefits will you experience on your solo journey? I will tell you here.


5. Surround yourself with other women

Feminine is pure communication, being together, bringing people together, exchanging thoughts and perspectives and supporting one another. So this is perfect to surround yourself with other women while traveling alone. Girl nights or meetups for women are just perfect. You will get surprised how much power those female only rounds have. And how much you will feel get valued and appreciated by being surrounded only by women.

Scared of being alone too much on your solo travels? No worries, here are my tips on how to beat loneliness very easily! And solo traveling is also amazing as it improves 10 of your skills at once like creativity, resilience, confidence and many more. Find out more about your personal development through solo traveling here.


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


Never ever settle for less or the wrong things when traveling solo! It’s your time and meant for you to follow your personal dreams, babe! Let me know in the comments below what you are craving for when traveling alone. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me on the ‘gram @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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