10 great techniques to boost your confidence as a solo female traveller.

Hey travel queen, happy to have you back on here! Today’s post will be all about boosting your feminine power, i.e. your confidence while traveling solo. And this is true, being confident and feeling those vibes rising definitely comes with behaving differently and more relaxed towards challenges , problems, and difficult people. Being in full confidence with yourself makes your travel life ways easier.

Feeling a bit down or anxious maybe it’s super normal, whether in your daily life or while traveling solo. Don’t stress yourself out in that moments! I am here to get you instantly out of them. I will teach you my 10 great techniques to boost your confidence, raise your vibes, and make you a travel queen stepping out of the airplane or hotel or travel whatever!

Interested in more mindset tips? Hop onto my instagram @storiesoutofthesuitcase and I am super happy to connect with you girl! Or when in need for a little confidence boost shot while traveling, don’t hesitate to send me a DM.

What are the 10 recommended techniques to boost your confidence sis? Here there are, ready for you to get integrated into your travel life:


1. Start travel journaling

There is nothing more powerful than writing your fears and negative thought down on paper. In these terms you’ll automatically clear your mind and create space for new positive thoughts. Further, when journaling you build up a distance between yourself and those negative travel thoughts, fears, and anxiety that would otherwise drain your energy and your self-confidence. Regarding journaling, you can integrate a specific time per day, e.g. in the mornings after waking up. It is also possible to do it every time between sunrise and sunset, when you feel the need for writing something down.


2. Manifest your ideal travel

Besides journaling, you can fill yourself with excitement, which is way better than fear and anxiety! This can be done using journaling or in your head only, whatever you prefer. Manifestation is incredibly powerful, as it allows you to create your own new travel reality in your mind. Your positive thoughts will let your body respond to it in a positive way. And this is the very good thing: our body doesn’t know if something is real or just a thought that it responds too. So babe, make use of that, imagine the most and best ever travel you are on. Imagine how it will feel in every cell of your body. And imagine how super confident you’d walk along a street in the destination of your dreams. See it in front of your inner eye, feel it and let this magnificent thoughts reach every cell within you girl! There we go.

And babe, never ever let your ideas and plans ruin by people around you starting to criticising your solo travels! Especially, when they haven’t taken the leap yet, how should they know what kind of advice to give you? Don’t listen to them, here is how to deal with people not supporting you and how to find the inspiring ones to talk to.


3. Practice body postures & gestures

It is known that our postures and gestures have an impact on how our body responds to them. You know how we look when feeling sad, shoulders and head down and in need for hugging ourselves all the time. In contrast, when we have a super powerful happy moment, we look ways different. Our body is open, we have power in our legs and arms. And this is how it works: stand up in an upright position. Put your hands on your hips, head up, chin up and hold onto this pose for a minute or two. This is called the “power pose”. Besides you can start smiling, you’ll feel the same effect, you will start to smile instantly and your body will feel so damn good. Try it out girl, you’ll feel super confident in just a few seconds!

Don’t let any issue with your body ruin your confidence or your solo travel plans at all, babe! I came up with some great advices to keep your own body positivity high, check them out for free here.


4. Do breath work

Experiencing fear or anxiety always affects your breath and confidence. We start breathing faster and this will empower even more fear and anxiety. Doing breath work is a brilliant tool to calm you down, relax your nervous system and boosting your confidence. Give it fabulous 5 minutes and you are relaxed!

How you do it? You have to lay down flat on your back. If you have a book with you or a water bottle that’s perfect. Place it onto your belly, so that you can feel the piece going up and down in line with your breath. Set your timer (start with 3 mins for your first session) and start with breathing in deeply for a couple of seconds so that the book or water bottle moves up. Hold this position for a moment and then breath out for another couple of seconds. And hold again. Now you just have to repeat these steps for the next minutes for as long as you can or until the timer notifies you. Start with a few minutes and then you are good to go for more. Breath work can also be done in a seated position when you have a little practice.



5. Take a meditation session

In line with breath work meditation is another powerful technique to boost your confidence as a solo female traveller. Meditation is also great to calm your nervous system down. Without feeling too anxious, you can express your confident self to the travel world. There are a few meditation apps out there that I love as I am a huge fan of guided meditations. Good ones are Calm, Headspace, and Simple Habit. When meditating, don’t rush or pressurize yourself. Let your thoughts flow naturally and observe what kind of thoughts appear, don’t ever judge, just observe. And let these thoughts go afterwards. When they go, you’ll fell free and happy and of course confident that you can achieve anything on your solo travels that you’ve ever dreamt about girl!


6. Make use of travel affirmations

Reprogramming your mind is key when wanting to boost your confidence as a solo female traveller. And this also includes speaking out powerful affirmations. Repeat on them daily, even more often when you are in need to do so. It is also important to speak them out loud, as they reflect the power of you and the meaningfulness that comes with those affirmations! You can even scream them out loud, this is freakin’ fun and additionally powerful. Repeat the affirmations until you believe them, girl! Here are my favorite ones for traveling solo:

“I am super confident in my own skin when traveling solo.”

“I am brave AF to go on all new adventures just by myself.”

“I am able to do anything that I want while traveling.”

“I am always safe and protected on solo travels.”

“I am fully enjoying myself while traveling alone.”

You need more of this? Here is my full list of 25 amazing positive affirmations that will support you on your next solo travels, girl! Don’t hesitate to grab those powerful affirmations for free and integrate them into your solo journey.


7. Play uplifting music

We all know how great is feels to listen to some uplifting music. How our energy levels rise instantly! Therefore, I can recommend you to create your own happy travel playlist with a ton of energizing songs on it. Start singing and moving and of course dancing to your favorite songs! This will all boost your confidence to the very far level, you will feel healthy, happy, and truly alive. This is what a today’s ambitious woman traveling the world needs!

Why not to enjoy great music and going out by just yourself? Sounds scary, tbh it’s a bliss! Get my tips for making the nightlife the best time of your solo travels, babe!


8. Do some mirror self-talk

When have you looked at you in the mirror for the last time? I don’t mean those ‘Hi there, I just have to put some mascara on’ moments. I mean moments and minutes of looking at you and falling truly in love with yourself! Do this: get in front of a mirror and look at yourself, enjoy your beauty, love what you are seeing, embrace yourself. And then start talking with yourself – positively, genuine, loving. Make yourself compliments, give yourself lovely smiles, throughout say positive things, what you like and love about yourself. Give it more power and say it loud and clear ‘You are gorgeous’, ‘I love you’, ‘You are hot as hell’. YES you are hot babe!



9. Embrace self-care

Apart from traveling, we all need those little moments when doing us something good, don’t we babe? Thus, I highly encourage you to do whatever you love! And remember, what makes you happy and you take action to do those things, this is exactly what will push your self-confidence! So, do what you love, what makes you happy! Whether you love cosmetic treatments, a massage, do a yoga class, go on an adventure, work out, read a good book, get out and eat a healthy meal, party all night long, etc. The list is literally endless of great things for you.

The heck yes, girl, you got this! The most powerful thing is our cycle. Have a look at my blog post here and learn how to travel according to your cycle and have the best time of your life even when having your period.


10. Get dressed-up

Buying yourself a new dress, beautiful earrings or a new bikini is a must! They are all a gift to yourself, because you are beautiful girl! And you deserve it! Then dress yourself up (whether in new pieces or your hottest dress from home), wear that garment as it would be your own skin, put on that jewellery, and see how confident and super beautiful you are! Be proud of who you are, a beautiful solo travel queen. Anyways, dress yourself up and get your ass out there! The travel world is waiting for you girl!



Happy to have shared my 10 techniques with you to boost your confidence while traveling solo! All those work great and can be easily integrated into your next solo trip. Are you looking for another technique to reduce travel anxiety quickly? Here’s my free EFT guide. As you know babe, I am a solo traveller too, and yes I’ve suffered from so many solo travel stuff, you can’t imagine. This is why I want to share my knowledge with you! Read more about I overcame strong self-limiting beliefs through solo travel, how to best deal with culture shock and overwhelming emotions, and tips on how to beat loneliness as a woman traveling the world alone.


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


Which technique would you love to try on your next travels? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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