Best 5 unique coffee trends from around the world.

Coffee Trends from Around the World

There are great things coming for all the coffee lovers out there, babe! During my travels I realized how many different ways there exist to create a cup of coffee. The taste is so unique and extraordinary making it hard to compare, to be honest. To provide you some valuable insights, you’ll find my short list of coffee trends below and recipes to create your own favorite cup whenever you are in need for caffein.

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Trend 1. HEALTHY COFFEE // mix it with superfoods

This first coffee trend brings superfoods on the table. These healthy coffee variations like coffee to get mixed with superfood powder. There is Maca Coffee made from maca root grown in the Peruvian Andes Mountains. It contains many good mineral supplements (e.g. magnesium, calcium) and vitamins such as vitamin C. You use powder from this root that is known to have superpower and increases your physical and mental capabilities.

Southeast Asia loves it and so do we: Curcuma Coffee (or Turmeric Coffee). You’ll mix the yellow powder into your brewed coffee. Curcuma has many health benefits such as it has an anti-inflammatory impact, appeals strongly anti-oxidative, and helps to prevent from overweight, diabetes, and heart diseases. Don’t use too much powder as it will easily cover the taste of coffee.

Mushroom Coffee uses medicinal mushroom powder to get mixed into your coffee. For example, the reishi mushroom is quite famous in China and Japan and known as vital mushroom. It helps to reduce stress, is detoxifying, and has an anti-inflammatory impact. Overall, it boosts your immune system.

Other coffee variations use coconut oil that boosts your body for the day. You could also add collagen powder coming along with a positive effect on your skin and hair. I guess you can anticipate how those ingredients can support your beauty, girl!

Coffee Trends in 2021 for Coffee Lovers


Trend 2. CRAZY COFFEE // add new ingredients

The second trend allows traditional black coffee to get enriched with new ingredients. I don’t mean powder or oil this time, rather entire ingredients. One really good one, is the Vietnamese Egg Coffee. This is a real treat for coffee lovers! You put a raw egg into sweetened condense milk and slowly pour it on top of hot (or cold) coffee, making it surprisingly creamy and a perfect fit with the Vietnamese taste of coffee.

If you want to try the Vietnamese Egg Coffee directly in Vietnam, this is where to travel to get the best one.

The Swedish coffee variation focuses on cheese. This is called coffee cheese or Kaffeost. For this coffee variation you need Leipäjuusto, a traditional flat and squeaky Scandinavian cheese that got baked. You simply add small cubes of this cheese into a cup and pour freshly brewed hot coffee over the cheese. The cheese will get softer but not fluid so that you can still eat it. Definitely an interesting taste!

While some of you might like coffee a bit sweeter after the cheese one, Italian Affogato might be the best pick for you, sis. As Italy itself is the greatest place to be with all those pasta and sunny days, the Italian coffee variation will definitely not let you down. Affogato means “been drowned”. In this sense you drop a scoop of vanilla gelato in a hot Italian espresso and let it drown. It’s definitely a desert and coffee at the same time. The gelato will melt in the hot espresso and will add an extra creamy taste, so yummy.


Trend 3. WHIPPED COFFEE // make it creamy

You might have already heard from the biggest hype on social media, the Dalgona Coffee. This type of whipped coffee looks like a cappuccino upside-down, fluffy brown foam that is floating atop of white milk. Dalgona coffee comes from South Korea and contains instant coffee powder, sugar, hot water, and cold milk. You mix instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water and whip it for the perfectly fluffy foam that you then place atop of iced milk in your cup.

The trend literally never stops, be ready for new variations of Dalgona Coffee trending this year: Matcha Dalgona, Golden Milk Dalgona, or a Mocha Dalgona. What is your new creation of Dalgona?

Famous Dalgona Coffee (Coffee Trends in 2021)


Trend 4. ICED COFFEE // make it cold

The all time favorite iced coffee variation comes from Greek. It’s the famous Frappe that will serve you well this summer. Frappe contains four ingredients: instant coffee powder (from Nescafe), sugar (as much as you want), water, ice cubes, and milk foam. You create your coffee with the powder, sugar, and water and shake it or mix it until it gets a foamy texture. If you like (and this is my favorite one), you can pour steamed milk atop.

From Vietnam comes another great iced coffee. The Iced Vietnamese Coffee uses freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee, sweetened condense milk, and ice cubes. The sweetness assorts well with the taste of Vietnamese Coffee and the iced version makes it your perfect refreshing drink for a hot day.

This is Frappe (Coffee Trends in 2021)


Trend 5. LATE NIGHT COFFEE // create a cocktail

If your days might be a bit longer and you don’t want to skip coffee for a night out – this American variation is absolutely perfect for you! It’s name? Cold Brew Tonic Coffee. You mix cold brew coffee with tonic water (ratio 1:2). For the refreshing taste, add ice cubes and a slice of an orange. If you are in for letting the coffee get you a bit tipsy, you just add a dash of gin. And so you are ready for a great late night coffee break, babe!


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


What’s your favorite coffee variation? Please leave your comments and thoughts below and share these insights with other travel lovelies. Let’s grab some coffee and chat

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