Discovering the 5 iconic highlights when traveling solo to Berlin, Germany.

It is tricky to describe those iconic vibes you’ll find in Berlin, babe! As the capital of Germany it is somehow a mixture of cultures, a city that has incorporated vibes from New York, but also from Hong Kong and Paris, tolerates absolutely different perspectives that seem to pop up every now and then.

I always feel that Berlin is something special and a unique place you won’t find elsewhere in Germany and that comes with a high level of continuous change and evolution. No wonder that Berlin is famous for start-up brands that want to catch the vibes for their businesses. Behind every corner you discover something new and every district of Berlin city comes with its own unique appearance and beauty. Whether it’s the stunning sights that Berlin offers to all travel ladies, the creative graffiti paintings that you can spot literally everywhere or its own distinctive history that you can breath in and out still today. Continue reading to find out more about the top 5 highlights you should visit on your next solo traveling trip to Berlin, babe!

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1. Soak in Berlin’s history: Wall of Berlin and Brandenburger Tor

Is there any city that can say it was once located in two different countries? This is Berlin! Although the story was not always happy and prosperous, it made Berlin to the brilliant one it is today. The Wall of Berlin once separated the two countries of Germany into east and west. And the Brandenburger Tor sight marked an important access point between these two different worlds. The wall was active for about 28 years and finally broke down in 1989 known as the large reunion of Germany and its happy end. Enjoy a walk or a bike ride along the Wall of Berlin with the impressive paintings and check out where it will lead you. At East Side Gallery you will find the most famous paintings accompanied by a park and a museum.

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2. View it from the top: Fernsehturm tower and Alexanderplatz

The best views over a metropolis are always from the top, right? The Fernsehturm tower can help you out, babe. Located in the city center, the Fernsehturm is a television tower and about 368 meters high. Thus it offers outstanding views over the entire city on a platform at about 200 meters. Besides, it features a restaurant in the sky that also serves delicious breakfast. Why not to start your day right in the clouds? Or what do you think about an afternoon tea? Enjoy a great cup of tea with a view.

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3. Hop into the greenery: Charlottenburg Palace

The next of all highlights when traveling solo to Berlin is for all nature lovers. Apart from the city noises and hectic street life, Berlin also has a relaxed and green side. Located in the west of Berlin, Charlottenburg Palace is already waiting for you. The castle features amazing baroque architecture and an outstanding and artistically landscaped palace garden that invites you to a stroll. And there you can explore the ancient royal times of Germany. Charlottenburg Palace is open for tourists and offers great guided tours through its stunning rooms.

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4. Feel it from the water: Boat tour along the Spree river

In total the Spree river flows 46 kilometers through Berlin. Along its path, the Spree river passes major sights that make the boat a perfect way to explore Berlin’s travel highlights! Passing under several bridges, the boat passes the Wall of Berlin at East Side Gallery, and you will spot the Fernsehturm television tower as well as picturesque political buildings in the governmental area along the route.

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5. Discover Hipster Berlin: Späti kiosk and multicultural food

Berlin is also famous for its Hipster atmosphere, babe. Throughout Berlin new cafes and innovative food options get offered. Apart from this innovative side, Berlin is well-known for its traditional kiosks named “Spätis” or “Spätkaufs”. These are like 24/7 late-night shops (spät means late) but just different and individually designed. You get there everything you’ll need during day and night. More info on Spätis for you and a list about the greatest Spätis is here. Further, Berlin has an incredible food scene fostered by its multicultural residents. No idea where to eat out alone on your solo travels to Berlin? This is your chance to literally dine around the world while staying in beautiful Berlin.

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Note: COVID-19 pandemic might affect the activities described below. They might get cancelled or do not take place at your time of visit. Please check the providers’ pages carefully and regularly as things might change on short notice. Check out the government’s website from your home country for the latest immigration updates that apply to you when visiting Germany.


Have you been to Berlin yet? What are your traveling highlights in Berlin? What local tips would you like to know? Please leave your comments and thoughts below or on social media @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling ♥

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