10 great reasons why you should travel alone.

OMG! I can’t tell you how many times I already travelled alone and how much I loved it! The incredible travel moments I experienced, the lovely people I got to know and made friends with. And what I truly love the most: you always come back from solo traveling as a new and wiser you. You will challenge your own comfort zone so many many times! And you will discover your own and true self, babe. Find below all the reasons and WHY to travel alone is not weird and you should absolutely go right away by just yourself. Keep all those benefits in mind when heading onto your next solo trip.


1. Savor the ultimate freedom

There is nothing else that lets you feel so wild and free than traveling solo. Imagine you can do anything on your trip. This is just an insane feeling of being able to do it totally your way. Being a solo wanderer also implies that there is no need to stick to somebody else, to a place or to any expectations someone at home might have. There is just you and the beautiful world you are about to explore, totally independent and with your eyes wide open.

Besides the freedom, you will experience your travels way more intense than traveling with a companion. To make the best out of your experiences, read my other post about how to intensify your travels and make unforgettable memories.

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2. Learn new things and perspectives

Solo traveling automatically throws you into a completely new world, culture, and an adventure. In this sense you definitely will learn new things and get to know new perspectives about life in general, about society and cultures. Overall, you will reflect on your own learned habits and behaviors and will compare your own perspective with the ones you will experience during your travels. In the end you can decide what thoughts and perspectives match your personality and this will create a new and better you!


3. Find out who you really are

Along your solo travel journey, new things and thoughts will appear. As you can decide on your entire journey, you will follow even more your instincts and gut feelings. Listening to them will bring you automatically closer to yourself. You will learn so many aspects about you and get to know you even better than when not traveling alone. Overall, this will contribute to your self-discovery and you will grow personally into the best – and that’s the most important part – into the most authentic and real YOU. Isn’t this one of the greatest reasons to travel alone?

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4. Boost your self-confidence

Solo traveling comes with incredible daily challenges. Whether you have to spontaneously switch plans or arrange an excursion or just need to find the way to a restaurant in a new city. They will all challenge you, request you to step out your comfort zone, and want to push you to the next higher level of happy brave traveling. Those challenges are directed at boosting your self-confidence, the trust in yourself will get strengthened, and the wonderful you will start to bloom in the most beautiful colors.


5. Get empowered by life

Empowerment will happen when you make the first steps into your traveling experience alone. Listening to your instincts and following them along will allow your life to empower you automatically. As mentioned above, the daily challenges will give proof that you are strong enough and get even stronger everyday to live the life of your dreams while traveling. When coming back from your travels, you will feel super motivated and empowered by life, babe.


6. Follow your own travel rhythm

As everyone is different, everyone has different travel habits and an own pace of exploring. In this sense, some ladies might like to enjoy the beach and relax, others seek for adventures and can’t get their feet still while traveling. To be honest, this is when two travel perspectives are barely integrable. No worries, as you won’t have to deal with poor and disappointing compromises. You can find and follow your own rhythm as you can decide on what to do next and where to go.


Want to know which destinations are perfect for first-time solo wanderers, babe? I made up a great list with destinations that I can recommend from my own solo experiences. Head to my list for free here.


7. Make new connections and friendships

When traveling alone you will be ways more open to the destination around you, the culture, and the people you will interact with. Ordering a meal or calling a tour guide, this all has to be done by yourself. Thus, a ton of interactions and new connections will wait for you. Besides, you will get more easily in contact with other people as you are alone and humans want to belong to a tribe. You will definitely open up, become more outgoing and communicative with others. So no wonder that new friendships will happen.


8. Experience traveling with all senses

It’s definitely a great thing to share travel experiences with a companion. However, this will create a buffer between you and the world you are about to explore. Traveling solo completely removes this buffer and allows to expand your own comfort zone. This is when all your five senses kick in and support you to experience traveling way more intense. In that sense, your travel experiences will be processed on a deeper mental level and will affect you more.


9. Create your magical memories

During your solo trip you will enjoy amazing ME time. Living the total freedom, travel where you want, and deciding on your own what adventures to go on. Therefore, you will make your own amazing memories. Nothing that is shared with a travel companion, it will be your own and super unique travel story that you create on your solo travels. The many magical memories about places, cultures, people, and situations you will never forget in your entire life.

And yes babe, take those magical memories home with you and don’t forget to make gorgeous photos from yourself! This is absolutely possible for any woman traveling alone. Get my photography hacks for free. Let’s head to the last of all greatest reasons to travel alone.

And this is what it is all about, right? Become your true self and a better version of yourself because you discovered your true self through solo traveling & spending time with only yourself, you fell in love with your self, and got to know how to treat you the best from then on. Just a quick note before we go to the last reason below. I had the opportunity to interview 5 solo travel queens about their solo travel purpose and how solo traveling has changed all their lifes to the positive. Head over to my other post to get inspired by their very personal travel stories.


10. Become a better version of yourself

All the experiences you are going to make while traveling alone will contribute to your own personal growth. Remember that your travels will push you across and out your own comfort zone, make you are more open-minded travel lovely as becoming more communicative, more happy, more confident, and more sensitive towards your likes and dislikes in life. You will grow personally and become an even better version of yourself. You and I, we will both love your new YOU!


How do you think about all those amazing reasons why to travel alone? Need more tips and motivation to start your own solo travel journey, girl? Here are advices on how to deal with people not supporting your solo travel plans, tips to stay safe, ways to best eat out alone, how to workout while traveling, ways to cure wanderlust when you can’t travel, and tips to cure travel anxiety quickly. AAAAND, having your period is absolutely no reason to not travel the world in your own shoes, girl! Our cycle makes every day different and special, so is traveling. You see, it’s a perfect match and I’ll teach you here how I travel according to my cycle and how you can do that, too.


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.

Have you travelled alone already? What great benefits have you experienced? Please leave your comments and thoughts below or on social media @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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