10 highly recommended destinations for women who travel solo first-time.

So happy that you are here and want to get yourself inspired by destinations for your first solo travel experience. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you girl! Going on a solo trip will be a super big step to go and an incredible way that will change your life holistically. Today, I will introduce the best destinations that I can recommend for first-time solo wanderers. You might want to know what makes great destinations for first-timers? It is definitely about the travel safety, the friendliness and tolerance of the people (I mean who does not want to communicate?), and the convenient ways to get from A to B as a female traveller.

Without a doubt, the more I travelled solo, the more confident I’ve become in terms of visiting more ‘difficult’ countries. However, naming a country ‘difficult’ is not the proper way, it maybe is only a bit more challenging compared to other countries from your own point of view. Let’s kick the list off and get inspired together!

Concerned about the safety as a solo female traveller? No worries! Have a look at my recommended safety advices and you are good to go.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on safety, I just recommend countries where I felt safe and happy as a solo traveller at my specific time of visit. The safety advices from any country you are about to visit should have priority for your research and final decision making for visiting a destination. As we all know, e.g. the pandemic affects countries spontaneously as well as their political and social stability. So to say, make sure to check the governmental advices regularly and be prepared for quick changes that might affect your initially made decision for visiting a country as a solo woman traveling.



Imagine a great snorkel tour close to the Great Barrier Reef, spot some multi-colored fish and relax on Whitsunday beach with the softest and whitest sand on this planet. This is true heaven! Besides, you can indulge indigenous vibes of the Aborigines and spend some days in Australia’s breathtaking outback and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Watching the Uluru, the Ayers Rock during sunset is just epic. If this is not enough, what about some jungle vibes close to city Cairnes and beaches at Australia’s Gold Coast near Brisbane? Or exploring the Great Ocean Road in Australia’s south or just loose yourself in sunny Sydney with a surfing experience?




Those ultimate jungle vibes will let your heart skip the beat when thinking about Bali! Enriched with stunning nature, the most lovely people and great cafes and healthy food, Bali makes the ultimate dream for every solo wanderer who seeks those amazing Asian vibes, babe. Visiting the stunning Tegalalang rice terrace or hop into the ocean at Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida while being surrounded by breathtaking cliffs. You could also participate in a yoga or meditation session in the jungle that will keep you relaxed and closer to your real you than ever. The many digital nomads living there make Bali an even more colorful place. Thus, get yourself a great vegan bowl while sipping at your matcha latte and listen to the sounds of the jungle.

You want to feel those EAT PRAY LOVE vibes in Bali? Here are my 10 most recommended places you have to visit in Bali, babe!




Cuba brings those chilled vibes to the next level! Salsa music and the spirit of the Caribbean will overwhelm you right away. Having a good time strolling around Havana, tasting some Cuban Mojitos, and getting fascinated by the overload of oldtimers driving on Cuba’s streets. For the great beach experiences head to Varadero or the west coast close to Valle de Viñales. This is where you can turn the car or bus into a horse and ride along the tobacco plantations in this incredible valley. And especially during sunset, the valley gets an even more mystical glow. And no worries, there is always a nice Cuban helping you out or getting you off the horse.




Are you ready for amazing food enriched with picturesque French villages? Then France is the perfect choice for you girl. A visit of Paris is a must as is the Eiffel Tower and the Mona Lisa in famous Louvre museum. Besides you can head to the Provence region, having this breathtaking fields of lavender waiting for you. In the city of Grasse you can create your own perfume that you can then wear when taking the train to the Côte d’Azur, the southern part of France at the Mediterranean Sea. In Cannes or Nice or Saint Tropez you will feel the ultimate summer vibes year round and treat yourself with amazing seafood.

More tips needed for your French adventure? Hop to my other blog post about traveling Europe in summer or the 25 greatest activities in Paris.




For all food lovers, Italy is another great destination for solo female travel. The friendliness of the Italians is just unbeatable when you take your first course in making traditional pasta. Whether it’s pizza or pasta, you will not get enough of both on your entire solo trip to Italy. The best wine and food (this is also perfect for all truffle lovers) you’ll find in the Piemont region in Italy’s north. If you are more into mountains, the Italian Dolomites are just breathtaking. There is also Venice and Rome that you should visit and the Sicily region is a plus for the ultimate summer experience when you hop into the Mediterranean Sea in your brand new bikini made from Italian yarn.

Want to know more about traveling to the Italian Dolomites? Check my guide out here.

You are more into Greece? Totally understand you, girl. Maybe you find one of those stunning Greek islands as your perfect next solo travel destination.




Japan is just as massive and crowded as is Tokyo. However, you will never feel lost or lonely, this is the Japanese way of life and it’s all about organization and discipline. Apart from Tokyo, you will have time to relax in a traditional Ryokan (Japanese house) and wearing a kimono, surrounded by pure nature and views over the Mount Fuji. Hakone is the best place to go there. Besides, Japan offers so much more: Beach life on Miyako islands, snow experiences in Sapporo/Hokkaido and magnificent culture in Kyoto. Have you ever met a Geisha? This is your chance in Kyoto.

What else to explore in winter? Hokkaido is just one great destination that comes with many amazing winter activities. Check out my posts to learn more about winter in Hokkaido and in general great things to see and do in and around Tokyo if you are ready, girl.



Afraid of solo traveling because of the SOLO? No worries, traveling just by yourself doesn’t mean to stay alone all the time! I have written down my 20 perfect ways how to beat loneliness when traveling solo.


Untouched nature is waiting for you in Norway. Breathtaking fjords, marvellous rivers, and beautiful red houses will follow your path throughout this Nordic country. Get a rental car and drive along the Norwegian roads at your individual pace. It’s super easy and adds so much value to your own journey. Great cities are Bergen and Oslo. In winter you can go skiing and view Northern Lights. Further, take a flight to Spitsbergen and encounter wild polar bears right in front of your accommodation. Scared? No worries, the Norwegian people are super hosts and will protect you.

Want to give Bergen a go? Here is what you can expect and explore it right in my post.




There is literally no other country that reinvents itself over and over again. It’s technological innovations and cultural openness make it a super easy destination for a solo wanderer to travel to Singapore. Indulge the massive skyline at Marina Bay, hop into the colonial area, and loose yourself in cultural districts such as Little India, Chinatown, and Arab Street. Don’t miss out a visit at the hawker center and try traditional street food. Besides you can enjoy a wonderful day at the beach on Sentosa Island or embrace Singapore’s shopping paradise to the very fullest. End the day with sipping a Singapore Sling at one of the amazing rooftop bars.

Interested in a full activity guide for Singapore for women traveling alone? Don’t hesitate to check it out for free here.




Starting in Taipei, you will not miss the 101 tower that provides you with a first impressive overview over this big Asian city. When it gets dark outside loose yourself at one of the many night markets and try the incredible street food. If you can’t smell it already, it’s stinky tofu, a very famous dish you should definitely try! Taiwan is so much more than Taipei! Head to Jiufen mountain village to indulge a tea ceremony in the little picturesque streets. Head further down south via super modern trains to the Taroko National Park, visit temples, cliffs, and engage in great hikes. If you like add some beach time at Kenting beach in Taiwan’s southernmost area. You’ll fully enjoy Taiwan, girl!




The next best travel destination for solo women traveling are the USA. Super easy, super much to see, and an absolutely great place to travel to. Whether city, beach, or mountain vibes, the US have it all! I can recommend visiting great cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. Therefore, explore New York where the city never sleeps or Chicago where the best time is spent close to the Chicago River. Indulge some tropical vibes at Florida Keys or head to stunning Hawaii islands. Grab a surfboard and hop onto the next wave while thinking about where to head next on your solo journey.

Looking for a great travel guide to explore the best of Chicago or ever decided to travel solo to New York? I’ll keep you covered and always feel free to contact me in case you need individual recommendations, babe. Just shoot me a message!




Need some motivation to start your next solo trip? Here is why you should travel solo! Wondering how solo travellers take beautiful photos of themselves? I’ll tell you how and share my greatest photography hacks with you.

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Are you ready to go on your first or next solo trip beautiful female? Please leave your comments and thoughts below or on Instagram @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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