The 10 most iconic EAT PRAY LOVE places in Bali.

Since the movie EAT PRAY LOVE, Bali is for sure the most romantic place that holds all those magical vibes for you! And those vibes will definitely change your life upside down immediately. It is such a beautiful place to travel solo to as woman. And I know what I am talking about, as I am living in Bali already since a couple of months and even more months to come for me. Bali feels like a place where spirituality and chilled surfer vibes meet and produce an incredible cocktail of ultimate freedom, wilderness, and those ‘everything is possible’ moments! And it’s truly an addictive cocktail to go for, making extending my own stay over and over again.


1. La Brisa Sunday Market (Canggu)

Overlooking the beautiful black sandy beach, La Brisa is absolutely the best spot to watch sunsets. It’s incredible decor, nestled between palm trees and offering that boho chic are super eye-catchy. And from 10am to 4pm on every Sunday, the beautiful location turns into an incredible outdoor market. Besides clothes and jewellery, locally sourced products & cosmetics, food, and other pieces get offered making your girl’s heart skip the beat.


2. Heaven’s Gate (Lempuyang)

Located in Eastern Bali, pure nature will await you. The most famous Heaven’s Gate also known as Pura Lempuyang temple will always stay on your mind when once visited. The gate marks a perfect instagrammable spot also. On clear days having the incredible Mount Agung majestically showing up in the back of your picture is just so breathtaking.


3. Tegalalang Rice Terraces (Ubud)

Endless lush greenery and the largest rice terraces are only a short driving distance away from Ubud center. Beautiful palm trees and steep rice terraces are ready to get explored by you, babe at Tegalalang. Come at sunrise or sunset and experience this area in intense golden lights. Of course, the famous Bali swings are waiting you besides the rice terraces to get you on board. And at Cretya Ubud you can swim in amazing pools overlooking the rice fields.



4. Penny Lane Restaurant (Canggu)

You love those boho vibes? Then this restaurant is the best spot to visit in Canggu. Penny Lane comes with romantic boho details in literally every corner, beautiful paintings on the walls and the sense for always being different and so truly unique. In the evenings, when it’s dark outside and the lights are on at Penny Lane, sip your favorite cocktail and enjoy the warmth of Bali’s nights.


5. Padang Padang Beach (Uluwatu)

Truly famous since the movie EAT PRAY LOVE, Padang Padang Beach is the one. Other super nice beaches for sure are Nyang Nyang Beach and Bingin Beach. All come with turquoise colored water, white sandy beach stripes and marvelous cliffs surrounding the beach spots. When you want to feel like in paradise, the beaches in Uluwatu are just so perfect for you, girl!


6. Flower Bath (Ubud)

This is definitely one of those girl dreams come true moments! Taking a colorful flower bath in the middle of the jungle. This dream comes true for example at Kaveri Spa close to Ubud. You can pick the flower design from a huge catalog, making it a more unique experience for you. Watching the jungle around you while enjoying a hot bath covered by tons of flowers from Bali is just magical.



7. Hideout Stay (Selat)

Moving closer to the East of Bali, in Selat you’ll find wonderful Hideout. This accommodation is just pure bliss and allows for those special nights out in the jungle and to watch the stars and galaxies right from your spot. Decide to go for one of their bamboo houses, e.g. the Eco Bamboo House, the Cocoon, or Falcon. All of their houses come with different styles and shapes making it truly an unforgettable experience for you, babe.

Besides, Bali comes with incredible villas and houses to stay at, below you can read through the most iconic ones in the areas of Canggu, Ubud and Uluwatu. For which one would you decide, love?

Those are my favorite accommodations in Canggu:

The best places to stay at in Ubud:

And my most recommended villas and hotels in Uluwatu:


Get my full list of those EAT PRAY LOVE like hotels in Bali and dive into those vibes while staying overnight. Here are the 5 best unique hotels in Bali you should better not miss on your next solo travels!


8. Leke Leke Waterfall (Tabanan)

I am sure you will fall in love with this waterfall instantly! Being surrounded by nature, Leke Leke waterfall will be such a good catch for your eyes. Seeing the water coming from the top in one smaller flow and heading into the water pot nestled in full greenery. Hop into your bikini and take the pictures of your life in front of the waterfall while smelling and feeling the jungle around you, babe.


9. Pura Tirta Empul (Ubud)

Pura Tirta Empul is known as Bali’s sacred water temple and its accompanying holy springs mark one of those spiritual experiences you might never ever forget in your life. The springs are said to hold blessed water. Hindu devotees come to the temple and take a ritual bath for purifying themselves. Taking this bathing ritual too (and yes, it’s possible for foreigners), is what makes this place so special.


10. Sunset over the cliffs (Uluwatu)

What makes Bali so very special, are its marvellous daily sunsets, girl. Sometimes the sky looks like it is on fire, sometimes it turns into a purple paradise. What those sunsets all have in common, you definitely can’t take your eyes from them and every evening they look so beautifully different than on the day before. The best spot to watch the sunsets are in Uluwatu, above the cliffs in a bar (e.g. at Single Fin), at the Uluwatu Temple or on the beaches (e.g. Dreamland Beach).



Do you feel what I mean with those Bali vibes, babe? Beside from those 10 greatest spots – and yes I felt those vibes there 100% – there is so much more to explore and experience in gorgeous Bali when traveling solo as a woman. All of your senses will get so fuckin’ turned on by all of those Balinese vibes, spirits, places, and people. I am so happy to see you making your own Bali dreams come true for you, love!


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// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


Are you ready to experience those magical EAT PRAY LOVE vibes in Bali by yourself, love? I’d love to read through your comments and thoughts below or on social media, don’t hesitate to send me a DM @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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    1. Hi love, so happy to read that you are coming to Bali by yourself! The other 4 days you could spend either in Canggu (black sand, party, surfing) or Uluwatu (white sand, best beaches, ultimate surfer’s paradise). Let me know if you need more details, always happy to connect you with other solo travellers around here. xx Christina

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