Ethical jewelry that every woman needs to wear this summer.

Summer is calling, ladies! And this is when I unpack my most loved colorful summer dresses and love to show my skin, get tanned and see the many beautiful jewelry sparkle on my body. I love large earrings and necklaces. For me, jewelry is a way to express my feminine and it feels just so good to wear the most beautiful pieces.

Besides unique and gorgeous jewelry designs, I highly appreciate quality (I don’t want to remove it when taking a dip in summer), and most importantly, I place a focus on ethical jewelry. Good working conditions, recycled materials, and imperfect pieces are what I’m looking for. In the following, I present 5 ethical jewelry brands that will feature you with their breathtaking summer pieces making you even feel more feminine. Let’s dive right in, girl!


Agapé Studio

The first jewelry brand is born in Paris and is ethically made in France catching all those Parisian vibes like elegance, ancestry, and uniqueness. It’s the goal of Agapé Studio to produce timeless pieces that come with that touch of luxury, are of high quality and protect our Earth. Therefore, the gold and materials used are sustainable and come from recycled batches. Btw, Agapé means “divine and unconditional love” in ancient Greek. So beautiful!

Instagram: @agapestudio


BRUNA The Label

This label holds amazing pieces for you, designed in Austria and produced by local artisans in Italy and Thailand. The majority of the gold and sterling silver that gets used to create the gorgeous jewelry is recycled and all beads come from ethical sources only. Besides, BRUNA The Label refrains from using any plastics in their supply chains. And they donate 1% of their annual profit to organizations protecting the environment.

Instagram: @brunathelabel



This amazing label is made with already 95% recycled gold in their own manufacture in New York City. As all pieces are made in their own studio in Brooklyn they have minimized their carbon footprint. Catbird also uses recycled diamonds from finished goods making them even more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, their beautiful jewelry is designed by independent and mostly local artisans.

Instagram: @catbirdnyc

Photo Credit: Catbird


Omi Woods

Omi means ‘water’ in African language Yoruba and stands for jewelry that is both individually and ethically handmade. They proudly celebrate the connections to Africa. Omi Woods pieces only feature fair trade gold from Africa and other recycled metals. The stunning jewelry has the intention to be worn everyday and passed onto the next generations so that their jewelry can get embraced forever by gorgeous females.

Instagram: @omiwoods


Zaazu The Label

Zaazu The Label is born in Bali and creates unique pieces ethically made by Balinese artisans. Sustainability and fairness are one of the core values and realized in every step of the supply chain. Thus, good working conditions and fair salaries get ensured whilst the materials used get recycled from finished jewelry. The gorgeous pieces are of high quality, so unique, and sustainable. And the best: if pieces don’t come out as expected, Zaazu The Label sells them at a cheaper price. Love it!

Instagram: @zaazuthelabel


You want to buy new summer dresses? I get you covered with the best fashion labels that sell unique and sustainable garments which are so perfect for this upcoming summertime. Find out more on my other blog post here.


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


Which one is your favorite of the ethical jewelry brands? Are your more into earrings, necklaces or rings? Let me know in the comments or on social media @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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