5 practical tips to intensify your solo travel experiences.

Traveling is absolutely beautiful! Given the many experiences that make solo trips so memorable, my personal way of traveling changed a lot in the recent years. When thinking back to my early times of traveling, well, I just travelled. More or less, I just travelled by myself, followed the route but experienced the journey just on the surface. However, travels can also allow for much deeper personal change and affection in the traveller’s person. The more experienced I got with solo traveling, the more I’ve realized that I was also able to experience situations and moments much deeper, live the travel moment to the fullest and made more intense travel memories. This is when just a weekend getaway feels like being away for months! So you ever wanted to experience your solo travels deeper and make adventures more memorable, babe? Here’s how to intensify your travel experiences on the go. I wrote down my top actions that you can undertake to intensify your travel experiences. Follow for more insights on the psychological side of travels and personal mindset development.



First of all, step out your comfort zone, babe! There is no other boundary that is so intensely holding you back from making new and deep experiences. And literally leaving your comfort zone implies knowing about your own limits. In general, every new experience helps you challenging your comfort zone and questioning your limits. So to intensify your travel experiences you have to be curious and explore totally new things, places, paths, food, cities, sights, nature, adventures, culture and so on and so forth. While being curious and exploring the world with eyes wide open, you are ready for deeper internal and psychological processing. And let’s be honest lady, things or activities you do for the very first time will become a memory forever.

Not sure how to become more curious and a brave solo traveller? So many things you wanted to try but lost courage in the final leap? No worries, here is my guide on how to overcome this.



Physiological senses are every traveller girl’s greatest gift! There is true magic happening when we make use of our amazing senses to intensify and deepen our travel experiences. Our senses collect everything around us in a specific situation. Sure the senses work automatically and this often happens unnoticed. How does it sound to actively make use of their superpower? This is all about being mindful, attentive, and in the NOW. We females are just perfect for collecting experiences with our senses as we are more sensual than men. Means, when you are e.g. at a beautiful sandy beach, you pause, feel inside yourself, and ask your 5 senses, just one by one, and reflect on each one and feel and listen to how your beautiful body responds.

This is how your body could respond at the beach after your mindful break:

EYES // What do I see? ocean, water, palm trees, sand

EARS // What do I hear? ocean waves, palm trees rustle, people on boats

NOSE // What do I smell? salt water, sun screen

MOUTH // What do I taste? salt water

SKIN // What do I feel? sand under my feet, sun touches my skin

Experiencing every travel moment to the fullest allows us to create deeper memories. When you later recall this specific moment at the beach, I am absolutely sure girl you will hear the waves, smell the salt water, and feel the sun kissing your skin again.

Interested in learning more about becoming a mindful traveller? Read more on my blog post about the different facets of mindful traveling and how to implement the actions into your next solo travel journey.



A curious traveller always searches for new inspirations and new perspectives. Being curious also allows for getting lost without feeling lost as new and unknown situations blow their mind away rather than letting them feel insecure or terrified. The best way to foster this experience of getting lost is to explore the travel destination by foot. You start walking, turn right or left, wherever and whenever you like. Of course you can visit the must do tourist spots. What about starting your random walk next to the tourist spot rather than turning to the next metro station and leave? This is an amazing opportunity to explore more, totally new beautiful things, and being guided by yourself, babe.

Please make sure to check for areas in advance that are not allowed to get passed or might come with a high personal risk. The suggestion to explore your travel destination by random walks refers to places only that are safe and secure. Always listen to your intuition!



One of the best things to explore at a new travel destination is for sure its culture. To intensify your travel experiences you can learn more about the culture. If it’s a language course you take, a local cooking class, a lesson that teaches a regional sports activity. Whatever you are interested in it will bring you closer to the culture and you gain a way deeper understanding for the people and their place of living.

Further, I can recommend you to simply do what locals do and spend your time as a local. For instance, if they get up early in the morning, you get up early, too. If they like to go swimming at sunset, you can do that, too. You can visit places such as locals do: e.g. grab a coffee at a local shop, go to the cinema, go to a hairdresser, visit a local restaurant or take public transportation. Overall, you will build a connection to locals and find many opportunities to interact with them. Besides, you can visit local spots and sights, try local food (which is always the best!), buy local products, and so so much more.



You might have realized from your previous travels that a travel destination is often made of lovely opposites. I encourage you to always see both sides of a destination. Let’s say you love city trips, please also visit the nature side. Same for nature lovers, be ready to visit the main capital at least for one day. To deepen your travel experiences, you have to feel a destination in their opposites and so to say get to know their outstanding extremes. Apart from the city vs. nature comparison there are much more opposites applying to travel destinations. Find some examples below to help you with realizing those opposites.

city vs. nature // city sightseeing vs. hiking trip

loud vs. quiet // music concert vs. park stroll

big vs. small // hotel vs. home stay

crowded vs. calm // public transportation during rush hour vs. solo walk at sunset

day vs. night // sunrise yoga class vs. drink at rooftop bar


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


What do you think of these different tips to intensify your experiences while traveling, babe? Have other great tips to share? Please leave your comments and thoughts below and share these insights with other travel lovelies. Happy traveling

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