Body positivity: How to feel more confident in your own body when traveling alone?

It’s time for a new special post on here! And it’s time to talk body positivity. Since I’ve researched my new travels using social media a lot, the ‘gram and Pinterest, I couldn’t resist watching beautiful reels and feed posts with gorgeous women in iconic dresses and in sexy bikinis. They all looked so perfect to me, like the destination was always meant for them. Yes, I started comparing myself with them.

You might think, “Hey Christina, why should you have an issue with your body?” And yes, I do have those moments when I am not fully satisfied, feel insecure, and would love to not show up on social media and the world. And yes, there are parts of my body that I admire and others that I don’t love so much. Girl, this is super normal! But those thoughts should absolutely not question your confidence and hinder you from traveling the world alone and of course enjoying it.

In today’s special post, I will give you my tips on how I keep my own confidence strong that in return allows me to roam the planet in the shoes I want, the way I want to, and to the places that I love to visit the very most. Always remember, you can do that, too!


1. Stop comparing yourself

This is rule no.1! You have to stop those toxic comparisons. Because when comparing, you will always lose. And this is because you compare yourself with someone who has done those great things you want to do as well so badly. You are not there yet, a comparison will never turn out good. But that’s ok! Instead, try to use a comparison to motivate yourself. Like “If she can do it, I can do it, too!” Or “I want this too, so I will take actions accordingly”. Besides, start to bring more objectivity into your comparisons. What I mean is to ask yourself “Is this true when I think I am not as good as XYZ?”. We all have completely different lives, different families, and experiences – thus, a comparison would never ever make much sense, right?


2. Use social media downtimes

One of the triggers to start comparing myself with the world out there and resulting in less body positivity, is social media. I see so much, confront myself ways too much with something perfect (or fake perfect), I can’t achieve or I would never want to achieve. But, if it’s out there, and presented a lot, I have to have it, too. I am sure, you know what I mean, girl! And then it gets too harmful, when we realize that we can’t have everything and this is what marketing and social media is telling us, “you are only beautiful and loved and sexy, when you have this handbag, wear this perfume and lipstick, and have this skinny body.” So sad, that our authentic self, our own beauty, can’t shine through those marketing paradigms. Therefore, you actively have to shut your social media down! I recommend to do full detox days or some hours per day, e.g. in the evenings that you’ll spend without your smartphone.



3. Practice self-love

Doing what makes you happy is an act of kindness, an act of showing how much you love yourself! This is when body positivity unfolds its magic. And this is the truest love from the bottom of your heart despite all potential issues with yourself. You will stay together for the rest of your life, so please love yourself like the love of your life. Practicing self-love can include anything from dancing, getting a manicure or facial, a massage, taking a hot bath, watching your favorite movie with a box of ice cream in front of you. It’s completely up to you. This is the time, when you show up for yourself, take time for yourself and your needs! And those actions will help to push your self-love and self-confidence.


4. Have mirror self-talks

When have you spent time with yourself face-to-face, babe? I guess mostly when getting ready in the mornings and evenings. But when have you talked to each other? And have starred into each others eyes full of fascination? Let’s do this! Get yourself in front of the mirror and watch yourself for about 5 minutes (or longer). Look into your eyes, observe your face and body. Give yourself a smile or wave a kiss. You are so gorgeous! Tell yourself what you love about yourself. Then, establish a regular meeting with yourself daily and use those mirror moments to celebrate yourself, your divine energy, and your femininity.


5. Feel your femininity

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel sexy AF? To feel sexy and confident in your own body is like tapping into your feminine. She is there, and she is sexy as hell! Become aware of her beauty and let her out. Support her with what she needs to feel amazing. This could be a beautiful make up (red lipstick, red nail polish are the best), wearing sexy lingerie, gorgeous jewelry, a beguiling perfume, or your favorite heels. Enjoy a body self-massage with yummy body oil, light some candles, take a hot bath. She is there, I’ll promise you! And then head again in front of the mirror to meet her and get enchanted. Body positivity is on, babe!

Another way to please your feminine is when you start traveling according to your cycle and learn to love your period! Get my tips for everything around your feminine cycle here.



6. Use techniques to boost your confidence

Besides the above mentioned tools and techniques, there exist more to help you boosting your confidence right away. Those tips include speaking out loud positive affirmations (check my list of affirmations here), play uplifting music and dancing yourself out to your favorite music (mine is ‘Single Ladies’ from Beyoncé hehe), journaling, meditation, breath work. All those techniques are extremely valuable and linked here on my blog for free. I am sure you’ll find your preferred techniques that suit your individual needs best. Have fun with trying and experimenting with them, girl!


Key Takeaways

It’s definitely a challenge to not compare yourself with the most beautiful women out there. Rather stop playing small, hop in front of the mirror and let’s face yourself – you are the most beautiful human being! When following along a few of my tips you will soon feel your confidence strengthened and your motivation to see the world increased. And a solo escape like traveling alone is an act of self-love, it helps with self-discovery, and boosts your self-confidence. That means, when you take the leap and travel solo, you will get rewarded with so much love for yourself, an unbelievable trust in yourself and your abilities, your confidence will be next level and your happiness and health will blow your mind away.

Let’s celebrate body positivity!

You need more to this? Here are the most convincing 10 reasons why you should start traveling the world alone RIGHT NOW.


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


When it comes to self-love, what are your favorite ways to show up for yourself? I’m happy to hear from you! Please leave your comments and thoughts below or drop me a DM on my Instagram @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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