25 positive travel affirmations for all solo female travellers.

Hey babe! You are a wonderful human being who deserves to roam the planet in her own shoes. Yes, I mean exactly you out there! Once I took the first leap I couldn’t stop exploring more beautiful destinations on my own. And I want you to feel that way, too. What I always have with me in my pockets, are my wonderful positive affirmations for solo female travel. They help me for instance, when preparing a new solo trip or when I am already traveling alone and need a little mindset support from time to time.

Because, girl, reprogramming your mind is key when you need a little confidence boost as a solo female traveller. And this also includes speaking out powerful affirmations. Repeat on them daily, even more often when you are in need to do so. It is also important to speak them out loud, as they reflect your power and the meaningfulness that comes with those affirmations! You can even scream them out loud, this is freakin’ fun and additionally powerful.

Or you can integrate suchlike positive affirmations regarding your solo travels into your morning routine to set an intention for the day. Repeat the affirmations until you subconscious mind believes them and you will realize that change in your mind, body, and soul! Therefore, I pamper you today with positive affirmations regarding your solo travels, safety, confidence, loneliness and also happiness. Go and chase our dreams, lovely!


1. Affirmations regarding solo travels

“I owe my life to travel solo.”

“I am open towards new experiences while traveling solo.”

“I expand holistically through solo travel.”

“I am ready to discover myself though traveling alone.”

“I make my dreams come true.”


2. Affirmations regarding safety

“I am always safe and protected on my solo travels.”

“I fully trust my intuition and she will guide me safely.”

“I know that there will always be someone around to help me.”

“I feel absolutely safe in my own body.”

“I am worth having great experiences.”



3. Affirmations regarding confidence

“I am courageous and curious.”

“I am super confident in my own skin when traveling solo.”

“I am brave AF to go on all new adventures just by myself.”

“I am able to do anything that I want while traveling.”

“I love myself.”


A quick side note for all travel lovelies: I interviewed 5 powerful women who roam the planet solo. This is how they all started and how it turned out for them and their lives! Get inspired by their personal solo travel stories here.


4. Affirmations regarding loneliness

“I am never truly alone on my travels.”

“I am enough.”

“I deserve to make new friendships on my solo travels.”

“I am happy to receive new people & connections in my life.”

“I fully enjoy being alone and following my own path.”



5. Affirmations regarding happiness

“I deserve to make this the trip of my life.”

“I fully enjoy myself while traveling alone.”

“I make unforgettable memories.”

“I love solo travels as self-care.”

“I feel happiness in every cell of my body.”



Traveling solo is a powerful behaving and positive affirmations are a great technique to boost your confidence and power. I am so glad that you are interested in solo travels, babe! I love to support you and keep your covered with more great stuff. Here are 10 techniques to boost your confidence (using affirmations is one of those). Further, get inspired by 10 great destinations for women traveling the world alone. Check out 10 tips for staying safe on solo travels or read through my post dealing with your feminine cycle and how to love your period while traveling.


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


What do you think about affirmations? Let’s discuss this babe! Please leave your comments and thoughts below or drop me a DM on my Instagram @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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