10 cozy winter wonderland destinations from around the world.

Aww, it is getting cold outside and winter is slowly approaching the western hemisphere, babe. When the temperatures decrease it is definitely time to prepare yourself with a cup of favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate (I prefer one made with pumpkin pie spice, marshmallows, and cream on top!!). Travel lovely, grab your cup, get yourself a cozy blanket and get inspired by my 10 amazing winter wonderland destinations from around the world. Which is your favorite one?

Note: COVID-19 pandemic might affect the activities described below. They might get cancelled or do not take place at your time of visit. Please check the providers’ pages carefully and regularly as things might change on short notice. Check out the government’s website from your home country for the latest immigration updates that apply to you when visiting any of those winder wonderland destinations worldwide.


Canada: Banff

Heading first to Canada on your next winter solo travel. Banff makes an ultimate winter wonderland destination: nestled in the Banff National Park, surrounded by the Canadian Rockies and fir-trees covered with white fluffy snow. Perfect for any kind of winter sport, Banff marks the perfect stating point. Check into a cozy lodge or take a bath in Banff’s hot springs. Mount Norquay located nearby is perfect to go skiing or tubing. Besides, you will find tons of walking trails and lakes to visit that will offer spectacular views during winter. In Banff center they also sell the famous maple popcorn you should not miss.


USA: Heber Valley, UT

Utah has it all as one of the wonderful winter wonderland destinations in this world! It is Heber Valley located in northern Utah. Close to Wasatch Mountain Range you can engage in stunning winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and tubing and so much more. And you can visit frosty ice castles built in Heber Valley as well. Further, you can go on a scenic train ride that will offer outstanding views over the American winter wonderland.



Iceland: Reykjavik

Ever dreamt of exploring Iceland’s white side? This is your chance, girl! Especially in winter, Iceland shows its incredible nature. Starting in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik and heading to turquoise glaciers, black beaches, and watch incredible wild life like whales in their natural habitat. Additionally, you can relax in blue lagoons, these are natural hot springs. If this is not enough, geysers will wait for you and the most magical experience close to the polar circle: the polar lights.

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Norway: Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen is a Norwegian archipelago located apart from Norway’s mainland and pretty close to the North Pole. Staying in cozy hotels, you will experience one of the most northern parts of this world. Spitsbergen is also home to polar bears and polar foxes, so take care if they will visit you at your accommodation. Going on breathtaking expeditions whether on land or water, you will never forget to have stayed at this incredible winter wonderland destination.


Finland: Rovaniemi

Welcome to Rovaniemi, the home of Santa Claus! It is located in the North of Finland, in Lapland. Apart from Santa, you can watch herds of reindeers passing by while you go snowshoeing. Besides, you can watch the magnificent polar lights, even from igloo-like lodges, and you can hop on a dog-sled ride. I am pretty sure you will loose yourself in the bright blue eyes of the huskies. Furthermore, you can enjoy the Finish sauna and an ice bath afterwards (naked!!) in a frozen lake.


Sweden: Kiruna

Kiruna is a small Swedish town located in the Swedish part of Lapland. And it is Sweden’s northernmost city and far north of the polar circle. So what makes Kiruna just a perfect winter wonderland destination? Apart from endless snow, Kiruna is perfectly located next to a large lake. The low temperatures allow you to go ice skating on this frozen natural lake! Surrounded by breathtaking winter nature you can watch the sunset while slowly skating across the lake. If this is not the right thing for you, girl, what about staying in nearby ice hotel Jukkasjärvi?


France: Paris

The most romantic city in the world invites you as one of the best winter wonderland destinations from around the world. The small streets of Paris get covered by snow, lights illuminate the little French bistros and bakeries. And of course the Louvre museum and Eiffel tower come with incredible illuminations in the evenings making the winter experience even more magical. Beautiful Christmas Markets pop up across the city and you can go ice skating in Grand Palais on one of the largest ice rinks in the world.

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Switzerland: Zermatt

Imagine being hidden between snow-covered mountains and watching the incredible alpine panorama from Matterhorn mountain right in front of you. Enjoy the perfect ski experiences in Zermatt during the day while stunning slopes already wait for you. Lights illuminate Zermatt town after sunset and little boutiques wait for your shopping indulgence. In the evenings you can savor a Swiss cheese fondue or yummy raclette cheese dish while sitting in a cozy and warm Swiss chalet. So yummy!


Russia: Sankt Petersburg

Are you ready for -20 degrees Celsius? Keep yourself warm with whatever you have and explore magical Sankt Petersburg in Russia. The Neva river and canals that usually flow through the city get frozen in winter so that you can ice skate on them. Of course you can also go for long walks on it, while watching the beautiful scenery of ancient Tsar times. Besides, ice fishing is also possible on the Neva river. Beautiful lights illuminate parks, streets, and historical buildings making it overall a true romantic winter wonderland destination.


Japan: Hokkaido

Located in the northernmost part of Japan, Hokkaido is truly famous as an amazing winter destination. You’ll find the natural phenomenon of sparkling “Diamond Dust” only there! It’s possible to ski, snowboard, and dog-sled. Further, Japan’s biggest annual snow festival takes place in Sapporo City and shows incredible hand-made snow and ice sculptures. And Hoshino Resort Tomamu Ice Village invites you to an ice hotel and an ice bar. If you want to warm up you can take a pleasuring dip in a hot bath, a Japanese onsen.

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Or are you more into traveling to a warmer climate when it’s cold outside at your home? I totally feel you, I am a full time sunseeker, and l love to travel to warmer destinations. So what about the United Arab Emirates? They are just perfect in winter and especially the desert close to Dubai comes with so many incredible experiences. Continue here if you want to know more about the best things in Dubai’s desert for you, babe.


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


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