15 epic things to do in the desert close to Dubai as a woman traveling solo.

Hi travel lovely! I guess you have that wish too: sleeping under the stars and experiencing the magic of 1,001 nights in the Orient. I am so damn with you, this is one of my biggest dreams when it comes to traveling. And I made it become reality in spring this year, when I headed to the United Arab Emirates.

I flew into Dubai and experienced the mega city for a couple of days (a post about the most instagrammable spots in Dubai will be published shortly!). And I couldn’t wait to visit the magnificent nature of a desert so close to Dubai. Only less than a 30 minutes drive from Dubai center, the desert welcomes you with beautiful sand, stunning views, and much more once-in-a-lifetime activities for you babe! Let’s have a look at what I can recommend you as a woman traveling alone to Dubai’s desert.

Just a quick note: as you might know, the summers in Dubai get really really hot with up to 50°C/122°F! And the desert turns itself into a fiery furnace. I am sure this is not the perfect time of the year for you visiting Dubai and especially not the desert! Besides, most of the activities are closed during summer, exactly because of the heat. The best time for your visit is from November through April. And therefore, Dubai’s desert is the perfect winter getaway for all girls needing an escape.

And another hint regarding women traveling the Arabian world: I wouldn’t want to make it a big deal here! From my own experience, I have felt super safe and appreciated when traveling to the UAE. Throughout my trip absolutely no situation came up that would have proven me differently!

Now, let’s dive into the many stunning activities, girl!


1. Hug Lovely Camels

One of my most recommended activity for you girl are camel encounters. Do you know about the two things that camels love the very most? That are food and attention in terms of touching and hugging. At different camel farms, camel hugging sessions are offered. I did mine at The Camel Farm and experienced super happy camels.


2. Participate in Dune Bashing

Get your stomach ready for the craziest ride in your life babe! Professional drivers will drive you in their jeeps across the dunes, up and down and up and down. It’s a super cool thing when you feel the vehicle drifting and hopping over the sand dunes.

In the desert around Al Badayer you find many providers for any kind of activities, such as dune bashing, sand boarding, renting a jeep, buggy, and more! Or have a look at different dune inclusive tickets.


3. Watch Sunset over Dunes

Especially, sunsets over the sand dunes are pure magic! Book your dune bashing experience or a desert safari around sunset and this magical moment will be included. When the sun turns its colors and the sand gets a different vibe, you will feel super grounded and grateful girl!



4. Do Sand Boarding

Another great activity for all action babes is sand boarding. Strap on your board and ride the dunes in your own pace. And this can be very fast depending on your boarding skills, but it is so much fun. Would you dare to get down one of the highest sand dunes in Dubai’s desert?


5. Sleep under the Stars

Now it gets super romantic, and I love it! Why not spending a romantic night out in the desert only with yourself? You see, it’ll be amazing and an unforgettable experience. Because the desert is one of the few places that stays completely dark, you have the chance to view stars, galaxies, and milky ways right from your comfy desert bed.


6. Do a Desert Safari

Take your turn and hop onto a desert safari. The best are old Landrover jeeps that drive with you to the coolest spots in Dubai’s desert. Platinum Heritage is a famous company providing amazing services and are well-known for their incredible eco-luxury desert safaris. You can pick your perfect safari and customize it to your own needs, girl.


7. Enjoy Camel Rides

Another joyful way to experience the desert on a safari is on the back of camels. Their majestic appearance and elegant walks will make it super comfy for you to explore the desert from somewhat above and in a way Bedouins did it! And yes, you can hug that camel all the time!

Please make sure that you pick a trustworthy provider! I’ve seen camels in really bad condition and felt so sorry for them to carry people around.



8. Stay at a Bedouin Camp

Super traditional vibes come with Bedouin camps. Spending your time there, girl, will tell you so much more about ancient traditions and the lifestyle of Bedouins. Whether it’s their specific traditions, food, and perspective on a life in the desert of Dubai, you will experience it at first hand and feel the vibes.


9. Attend a Falcon Encounter

Falcons are so directly connected with the United Arab Emirates. The love for the animals is unbeatable. Often, when staying at Bedouin camps or other locations, falcon encounters get offered paired with stories about those special animals and their meaning for the Arabian world.


10. Go Quad Biking

You love more action girl? Then you have to attend a quad biking tour. On dedicated paths you will drive by yourself over the sand dunes. I can always always give you the advice to book a tour and don’t start biking just by yourself or off the path. Even if the desert is so close to Dubai, you will easily lose orientation between the dunes and the mass of sand.


11. Dine in the Desert

I always love to touch nature and to feel the sand under my feet. Do you too, love? Thus, dining experiences in the desert are perfect for you. Check out Sonara Camp for unforgettable memories. Dine in between sand dunes, taste exclusive food, and lose yourself in Dubai’s desert.



12. Visit a Desert Cafe

I truly truly love visiting desert cafes. I absolutely love how both One Degree Winter and Not a Space Al Faya created their set up in this beautiful sandy surrounding. You can grab excellent coffee, take your seat on carpets or sofas or swings or whatever and listen to music while watching the sunset over the dunes.


13. Do a Camp Fire & BBQ

Often included with having dinner out in the desert or with an overnight stay, camp fires and BBQ options are provided. Totally recommend a campfire to keep you beautifully warm (yes, I gets freezin’ cold in deserts nights) and you can watch the sky full of stars above you. And of course roast some yummy marshmallows over the fireplace.


14. Hop on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Experiencing the desert in a jeep or on the back of a camel are truly stunning. But, feeling a desert from all above is next level! This is when hot air balloons are the best deal for you, girl! Both rides during sunrise and sunset make an unforgettable memory. Book your air ballooning tickets here.


15. Drive around Half Desert Road

You might have seen those stunning photos from Dubai’s half desert road. And it looks absolutely breathtaking in reality. You can drive around the streets which are partly covered by sand (depending on the sand movements). You can stop anywhere you like, take gorgeous pictures, and get in touch with nature.



I am still thrilled by my time in the United Arab Emirates! So many great memories and new experiences that I’ve made. I absolutely can recommend you to visit Dubai’s desert, love! Whether you travel only to Dubai’s desert or combine it with visiting Dubai city, you will find the desert a truly breathtaking experience. Although it is different than a city getaway, it shows you so much more that allows you to explore the UAE holistically.


Motivated to travel alone to Dubai? Babe, I am super proud of you! And I don’t let you down on this journey of your life. Continue reading my safety tips for all females traveling alone and how to instantly boost your confidence as a solo wanderess. Check out 5 amazing travel stories by powerful women who decided to travel the world alone. Besides, you find all amazing lifestyle tips for your solo trip and all about your travel mindset on this blog!


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


Have you been to Dubai’s desert yet? From the listed activities, what would you love to do babe? Please leave your comments and thoughts below or on social media, send me a DM @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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