10 ultimate tips to stay safe as solo female traveller.

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Happy to let you know about my most recommended safety tips for any solo travel! As you might know love, I am always very optimistic when it comes to solo female travel and I’m living proof. Some might call me naive, I would name it a wild and free lifestyle. However, a solo trip gets as dangerous as you might make it happen that way, girl. Preparation is absolutely key and when you follow a few tips you will experience the most epic and unforgettable solo journey of your life!

Note: Depending on your chosen destination, other travel safety tips might apply! So make sure to check on your government’s website about the current risks and safety advises for a specific country. I truly believe that the world is explorable and beautiful, however, bad things happen literally everywhere, so stay safe babe!


1. Pick destinations wisely

First of all, be careful with deciding on your next journey. So many countries offer outstanding experiences, but not all of them are perfect for solo female travellers.

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I can totally recommend you to check and listen to governmental advices! If it’s a region you should better not visit, an area of a city or a provider that is officially named insecure. Don’t ever do it! Besides you can check the official safety ratings for countries worldwide and see what suits your expectations. Pick a country that is not too complicated for you, don’t overtax yourself. I mean challenges are a must on any travel, however, don’t take it to the ultimate level, girl. And when being on a journey already and realizing you are not happy, change your journey immediately. In line with the other recommendations below, being unhappy or too stressed out makes you even more the perfect target for any kind of bad behavior.


2. Research and prepare profoundly

A detailed preparation is key for safe solo female travel! Look out for accommodations that are well-rated, have good safety ratings (e.g. safety box in the room, 24h front desk occupation, good service ratings) that they are well-reachable with public or private transportation, close to touristic sights, and minimize your time spent without public. Same so for transportation issues and tourist attractions. Check out where everything is located that you would want to visit and find the suitable and safe ways to get from A to B. Further, make yourself familiar with the local SOS numbers, the ways to get help, embassy, police stations and hospitals. Save those numbers to your mobile. If you don’t speak the language very well, you can learn specific phrases in the local language or at least write them down to show them around in urgent cases. Additionally, make yourself comfortable with the local culture. This includes also research about history, common behaviors, ways to dress, and so much more. You got this, babe!

Solo female traveller need detailed preparation to stay safe.


3. Keep you covered for your journey

Staying safe as a solo female traveller also includes personal health. Therefore, make sure to have valid vaccinations that are recommended for the country you are about to visit. Further, be covered by a travel insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage, luggage loss, and medicines. Keep some medicines with you for urgent matters, a good suggestion includes: painkillers, fever drugs, and anti-diarrhea drugs. Moreover, take some time in packing your suitcase most appropriately. This includes all the staff required for a specific destination, for some countries it might be a mosquito net, for others it might be a rain cover. This will avoid any additional stress to arrange things on site!

Need further tips on how to travel safely during the pandemic? Check out my specific blog post about how to pack and what to bring.


4. Stay connected with family & friends

Babe, when traveling solo, staying in regular contact with family and friends gets absolutely important. Let your loved ones know about your journey in detail and provide them with the information on when you will stay where. Add names, addresses, and contact details of your accommodations or tour providers and prepare a list for them. Make sure that they can reach you in any emergency case. If your journey allows this, you can prearrange fixed dates to facetime (e.g. every 3 days) or you can send them a short message every morning for a quick daily update.

Stay always connected during solo travel as a woman.


5. Use safe transportation

To get from one place to another, transfers have to be safe for you as solo female traveller. Before arriving at the airport, prearrange a transfer to the hotel for your first night, e.g. via hotel front desk. Make sure to arrive during daylight as this will make it ways easier to settle down in a completely new country. Always use safe transportation offers, e.g. Uber or Grab iso local cabs. In some countries avoid public transportation, in other countries never ever walk alone even for short distances. This should become clearer when you prepare your trip and do some research, girl.


6. Go on organized tours & events

During your solo trip you will definitely want to go exploring. I can highly recommend to do this together with a group of people. Thus, go on guided tours, organized events or meetups, e.g. a cooking class, pub crawl, expedition, or hiking tour. Besides you will meet like-minded people, make new friends and enjoy a good time together. Hotel hosts will always be happy to help and arrange tours, so don’t be shy to ask them for tips and their personal safety guidelines. For sure it depends on the country you are about to visit if you can go exploring on your own. I suggest the following guideline: The more abandoned the sight is located, the more time you need to get there, and the longer the visit takes, the more likely you should go on a guided tour.

Go on organized tours to stay as solo female traveller.


7. Adapt your behavior

For staying safe as solo female traveller, you should adapt your own well-known and trained behaviors and habits to the specialities of the new country. It’s all about to not appear as a tourist at first sight! In general, adapt your travel behavior. This means to leave the accommodation only with a fully charged mobile, to not carry too much money with you and or to better split it up, to dress appropriately and to not show expensive jewelry, clothes or accessories, to avoid night time, and to not walking around in non-touristy areas for too long. Again this depends on the country you are going to visit.

Further, you should adapt your behavior to the ones as shown by locals. Observe: how do they walk? How do they cross a street? How are they dressed? What gestures do they use? This helps to develop your cultural senses and behaving like a local. Further, this boosts your confidence when going exploring, what brings us to my next tip.


8. Be the confident version of yourself

Showing confidence has always been a great way to deal with unwanted situations or encounters. Confidence means to know what you want and to express these wants towards other people. Especially when traveling solo, being confident helps the most, babe. All the steps previously mentioned will strengthen your confidence, whether it is an accurate planning, knowing and observing a local culture, changing your travel behavior, and adapting your habits. You will start feeling well soon in a culture you have never been before. Sometimes it will take a few days to settle in, but then it will happen quite automatically for you. To support you with this, I have 10 amazing techniques to boost your confidence that you can easily use during your solo travels. And I also highly recommend to practice your own confidence using my free ebook available for download here.

As we are all human beings, new situations are always stressful and will affect us. For instance, when a culture shock hits you, things can get too emotional and overwhelming. No worries! Read my blog post on how to deal with it – especially when traveling solo.


9. Follow your instincts

Apart from being confident, solo traveling requests you to rely on your own senses and instincts much more as you would do when traveling in a group or simply with another person. To stay safe as a solo female traveller you have to pay more attention to your belongings and the decisions you make. Therefore, I can truly recommend you to follow your instincts. When you feel not safe, change the place or city, when you feel insecure at any location, change direction and go to a place with more public visibility. When you don’t feel safe in a restaurant, leave it, same so for accommodations. In our fast-paced world we often have lost the connection to us. Solo travel is always a great time to reactivate the connection with yourself babe and to start trusting your gut feelings and instincts.


10. Be brave and have fun!

Now, it’s all about having fun on your next solo trip, babe! This is going to be epic – I am absolutely sure and I can’t encourage you enough to do it! You will grow personally, follow your own personal desires and live the life of your dreams. To get more motivated on starting travel, you find a list of the positives that you can benefit from on my blog. If you still feel a bit insecure, have self-limiting beliefs or experience travel anxiety, try out my recommended EFT session to cure yourself within 5 minutes – the guide is linked here. Do you want to beat loneliness while traveling? No problem, here are my 20 perfect ways to help you out. Or do you want some simple tips to motivate you eating out alone? Here they are, a dinner date with just yourself is super fun!

Still hesitating to start your solo trip? On my blog I have made up 10 great reasons why you should start traveling solo. From personal growth, to more self-confidence, and a happier life in general. This is what you get and so much more is waiting for you, love.


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


Do you have any additional safety tips for women traveling alone? I would love to hear about your thoughts and tips! Please leave your comments and thoughts below or share them on social media @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling

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