How to make going out alone on your solo travels the best time?

Hey lady, are you ready to go out on your solo travels? I’ll keep you covered to have the most fun and safest time you can enjoy at your dream destination. Whether you want to dance yourself out at a nightclub, grab some fancy drinks at a rooftop bar or enjoy an amazing concert, you can have it all.

Here are some general advices for you, before I’ll share more details with you, babe. First of all, and most importantly – don’t get too drunk! Always look after your drink and don’t accept drinks from strangers (you know what I mean). The event or location you’d like to attend, pick that venue (and the way to reach it) where a lot of people are present just in case. Some underground places might be a ton of fun, too, but you should better visit some more common places (especially when you are not so familiar with the country). Further, when you’ll leave the venue at night and need a safe transportation to get back home, give this a true priority! It’s definitely a better option to use a driver rather than walking home alone. Additionally, always listen to your intuition. If she says no to something, don’t do it! If you feel not good or unsafe, go for other options as there is absolutely no need to stick with that then.

Disclaimer: Depending on your destination not every activity is recommended to go on as a woman traveling completely alone. Please make sure to do your research properly, girl! It’s all about preparation and staying safe, but also about having fun and enjoying your solo time.


1. Restaurant

The first great option to go out is eating out by yourself and enjoying an amazing food experience without getting distracted by other people traveling with you. Eating out alone in a restaurant is easier when having a more chilled atmosphere and gets more challenging in a luxury dining venue where random conversations might appear less often. For more tips on how to have a great time eating out alone, head to my other blog post here.


2. Bar

Besides a restaurant, you can enjoy a great time by yourself at a bar. What about sipping a delicious cocktail on a stunning rooftop bar? I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one! Of course it might feel easier to go to a bar that is already packed with people and I’ll promise you when you are about to get your first drink at the bar, and when the place is crowded, the first conversations will start in just seconds after your arrival. So no worries to throw yourself out there, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere overlooking your dream destination and having fun, girl!



3. Nightclub

This is by far the best option to dance yourself out to the very fullest, babe. Enjoy hopping into the crowd, feeling those anonymous vibes but never feel lonely as hundreds of crazy party people will dance around you. And you are all having an amazing time partying together. Regarding going out alone as a woman to a nightclub, just make sure to dress properly (the less sexy is sometimes more for safety issues, but it definitely depends on the destination and the motto of the club) and pick a club that plays the music that you prefer (it’ll lift your mood of course, too!). Further, don’t go there too early, it’s easier to get mingled with the crowd when there is already a great party going on and so to say, you just join that party. It’s super fun and super easy to talk to people and to party together with them!

Concerned about safety issues when traveling all by yourself, babe? That’s ok and I feel you 100%. From the many years of solo traveling I can tell you that you don’t have to feel unsafe when following a couple of great recommendations. You can find them here for free.


4. Cinema

Going to a cinema is definitely a great thing to do when going out while traveling alone. It’s great to book tickets in advance for your preferred seat, choose a movie that you love, get yourself some snacks and have fun. And yes you never know who will pick that seat next to you and what kind of great conversations might come up. Please stay safe and pick a cinema that is easily reachable and doesn’t want you to pass a dangerous area to get there, kk?


5. Concert

Enjoying a concert is super cool. Both standing in front of the stage or having a place in the seating area are amazing, girl. Go ahead, look up your favorite artist and book your ticket! This will also be so much fun when going to a concert in a new country. I always love doing this! As concerts usually are pretty safe with a lot of security, safety issues might predominantly apply for the way to and back from the venue, so make sure to rather go by car than walking over. And then enjoy!



6. Festival

Festival mode is on! Those crazy days and nights with music, dancing, and having fun. The same advices as for concerts apply, but it needs to be added a few more tips, babe. It’s up to you if you stay overnight, while staying might be easier and safer in case you already know some people there. You’ll meet so many amazing people on festivals anyways as everyone is super open to meet others. Be careful with the people you hang out with and again if your intuition tells you not to hang around with someone, please don’t! If you feel more comfy at a festival with a female companion, you can reach out on social media to meet yourselves at the festival. Just be a bit more careful than usual, don’t go alone somewhere and don’t do anything that you don’t want. Then you should be fine and have an amazing unforgettable time.


Ready to go somewhere solo? Here are my most recommended travel destinations for women who wish to travel just by themselves. And in case you might feel a bit lonely, you will be never alone although traveling solo! Here are my greatest tips to beat that upcoming loneliness.

Being feminine is what I absolutely love while traveling! It means that you you are allowed to step back, receive what is meant to come to you on your journey and enjoy the very best time, babe! To get you covered, here are the greatest activities you can do on your travels to step fully into your feminine. Additionally, you can find out more in my ebook about femininity that is free atm. Click the link here to grab the ebook.


/Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


Have you been out alone yet, babe? What’s your favorite way to go out alone on your solo travels? Let me know about your experiences. I’d love to read through your comments and thoughts below or on social media, don’t hesitate to send me a DM @storiesoutofthesuitcase. Happy Traveling 

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