How to find your next best travel destination?

I’d love traveling, but where to travel next? This is one of the most frequent questions I receive from so many women traveling alone. Thus, I decided to write a blog post exactly about how to find your next best travel destination. I’ll promise a few actions require you to act as a brave traveller and adventurous explorer to pick the next destination, babe. Thus, check out my most recommended things to do to find your next dream destination to travel to solo to next.


one. Ask for recommendations

Travel enthusiasts and experienced female travellers are always the fist choice to hear about new travel destinations. Getting first-hand advices is incredibly valuable. Apart from local recommendations, accommodation tips, restaurant and activity guides, female globetrotters offer amazing insights into culture and personal experiences. You truly know what to expect before traveling after having talked to them, girl!

Apart from in-person recommendations, you’ll find so many inspiring info about new destinations in media. For instance, you can watch a travel movie, series, or documentary. Read travel books, blog posts, and articles. Further, you can listen to travel podcasts to gain new inspirations for picking your next dream destination. Want to know more about the best travel podcasts at the moment? Check out my new blog post and get inspired.

Travel influencers on social media also provide great advises and inspirations for your next travels. Babe, my most preferred instagram accounts currently are @sheisnotlost @pilotmadeleine @asasteinars @mariefeandjakesnow @explorerssaurus_ @lexielimitless Check them out to get fully inspired!


two. Appreciate sensual inspirations

This next tip is all about you – use your senses to find your next travel destination. So have a look at visual content such as epic pictures or videos you spot on an Instagram or Pinterest feed. Let it flow! Get inspired and let it all freely flow. What do you like most? What activities do you find most appealing? With which pictures and impressions do you resonate spontaneously? Using Instagram or Pinterest saving or pinning function is absolutely perfect to save everything you find interesting, babe. Later on, you can have a look at what you’ve liked and literally saved the most. This might be your next travel destination, wohoo!

Ask your other beautiful senses what you like! The food you like, why not traveling to the country it is originally from? Home decor you like, why not traveling to the destination for that it’s famous for? Climate you like, why not traveling to this specific region? Makes sense? I mean the travel inspirations are all around you, just let your senses grab them.


three. Tick your bucket list

I guess we all have that magical travel bucket list. All the places we want to visit in our lives. So let’s make use of the list to find your next best travel destination. First, write down all the destinations you have in mind and would want to visit. Then evaluate them using a couple of criteria: best season to travel, best month to visit, climate, activities, safety, available flights, and accommodations, etc. Based on these criteria (for sure you can make up your own ones), you can rank the destinations on your list while having your expected travel date in mind. You can do this process in multiple steps, reducing and condensing until you reach your own and the one and only dream solo travel destination that makes your perfect next trip.


four. Play travel roulette

Sometimes you want to get surprised by destinations that are not on your travel bucket list. Maybe these destinations are not on your bucket list, because you haven’t heard from them yet. So the next action is perfect for you and allows for random solo travel surprises. You can use the traditional way using a travel book or guide or what I think is perfect the book “Thousand places to see before you die”. You quickly flip through the pages and randomly stop. The destination that the book then shows on the open page makes your next travel journey.

There is also an online way to do it. It’s called the Earth Roulette. Just push the button and get a new destination shown. Apart from the destination, the webpage shows highlights, places to visit, booking options and much more in line with each destination. Besides you can filter your results or find a destination worldwide. Another great travel generator is the Holiday Generator. In the beginning you get asked a few questions to guide you to your next best travel destination. So to say, the generator is a bit limited regarding worldwide travels, but offers great insights for each destination that pops up. Additionally, you can easily explore more solo travel destinations that differ or are similar to the random suggestion.


five. Do blind booking

Of course, this is only for the really brave ones, would you dare? Blind booking is a service offered by airlines, hotels, or travel booking platforms, allowing you to book a journey without knowing exactly where it will take you. Blind booking is quite common across Europe, where you can reach new countries within a short distance, especially on airplanes. You can pick your favorite dates and that’s it. At only low costs, you can exclude some destinations of the blind booking process (if you want to but for sure this limits your excitement). After the booking process is completed, you will get to know where your next trip will go to. Happy surprise, babe!

Update 06/2021: Some airlines and booking websites postponed their blind booking service due to the COVID-19 pandemic making it difficult to calculate their available seats and destinations. Let’s keep our travel fingers crossed that the service will be available again soon.


// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


How do you find your next travel destination? Please leave your comments and thoughts below and share these insights with other travel lovelies. Happy traveling ♥

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