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Hey travel lovely, happy to welcome you to my blog! Want to explore authentic Vietnam and take magical moments home with you? Perfect, this is exactly what I have for you babe. During my travels to Vietnam, I took an incredible route from North (Hanoi) to South (Ho Chi Minh City) covering the most scenic spots. I loved how Vietnam touched all my senses and until today I’m still dreaming about all those magical moments I made. However, Vietnam got often underestimated across Southeast Asian countries, but finally traveling through Vietnam completely opened my eyes and I could simply not get enough from this beautiful country! Thus, I am so happy to say that Vietnam has been one of my favorite places so far, offering so many different adventures, incredibly friendly people, and a unique culture that waits to get explored by you. Continue reading to discover my favorite adventures that will await you on your own solo journey to Vietnam.

Note: COVID-19 pandemic might affect the activities described below. They might get cancelled or do not take place at your time of visit. Please check the providers’ pages carefully and regularly as things might change on short notice. Besides, Vietnam might close borders for tourists. Check out the government’s website from your home country for the latest immigration updates that apply to you.


1. Walk on train tracks (Hanoi)

The reunification express trains links Hanoi with Ho Chi Minh City and gets operated on a single train line throughout the country taking more than 30 hours for about 1,700 kilometers. On a dedicated time schedule, the train departs from Hanoi train station through the very narrow streets of Hanoi. Little shops and vendors along the train line are often busy, having colorful chairs and tables placed on the tracks. When the train will soon approach, all shops close their business, get their goods and chairs in as quickly as possible, it’s so funny to watch. Then it’s absolutely breathtaking when the train passes you so that you can already feel and sense Vietnam’s history. The train can be watched best starting at the crossing of streets Tran Phu and Ly Nam De, and of course check out the official page for the departure time in Hanoi so that you don’t miss this event girl!

2. Try an egg coffee (Hanoi)

Vietnam is truly and authentically a coffee culture. Besides the many global chains that got their foot into Vietnam’s door, local coffee shops are an amazing alternative. You might already know Vietnamese coffee with super sweetened condense milk, oh yes I love it! Of course you should try the iced version of it, and definitely, an egg coffee – this is a real treat for all women loving coffee. A raw egg gets put into the condense milk and slowly poured on top of hot (or cold) coffee, making it surprisingly creamy and a perfect fit with the Vietnamese taste of coffee. You’ll find some lovely little coffee shops along the train tracks which are perfect to watch the approaching train as well.

You want to create your own Vietnamese egg coffee at home? You’ll find an easy-to-follow recipe in my recent blog post about coffee trends from all around the world.


3. Taste authentic street food (Hanoi)

Sis, be brave and grab yourself a colorful chair on the street and be ready to eat as one of your next unique adventures in Vietnam. This is how business people go for lunch or locals have a foodie break. A good spot is always crowded, meaning literally thousands of scooters are parked on the street, and the colorful plastic chairs are taken. Be ready to get what is served on that day and enjoy the incredible taste of food you don’t even know about what you are eating. Vietnam is so well-known for its outstanding food, the variety of taste, and the mixtures of spices that make every meal so unique. You will love it so much as I do!


4. Go kayaking at Halong Bay (Ha Long)

Halong Bay will take your breath away like barely could do another place on this planet. Because this mystical place seems to be right from another world. Many boat trips are run through the emerald green bay, also overnight stays on a nostalgic boat are offered and highly recommended. And the best – most boats provide kayaks to their guests that you can use for your own tour through this magical place. You pass the green oasis with jungle-covered hills, majestic mountains, and romantic caves. Going kayaking at sunset makes the place even more special as the sunlight over the mountains puts on a magical play of colors.

5. Visit ancient temples and royal tombs (Hue)

Welcome to the former imperial capital of Vietnam! It’s worth a visit if you want to experience more of Vietnam’s past. It is also perfect for solo women traveling who are into Vietnamese architecture. Go on a journey along the perfume river and explore the many royal tombs and citadels. Recommended sights (and Instagrammable spots) are Khai Dinh tomb, Duy Tan tomb, and Dong Khanh tomb. Additionally, the Hue citadel, the Imperial City of Hue, is worth a visit and pretty close to the city center.

6. Ride the reunification express train (Hue – Da Nang)

The most scenic route is definitely the one between Hue and Da Nang. Thus, it is so beautiful as the reunification express train passes the Hai Van pass. You’ll have an outstanding view over the green jungle life, the coast with its bold cliffs, steep rocks, and the magical blue ocean. On board you can relax over the next 2 hours and enjoy the Vietnamese meal that is served on board. Make sure to get a seat on the left side of the train (direction Hue – Da Nang) or right side (direction Da Nang – Hue) to get the best views over the ocean.


7 Enjoy beach life (Da Nang)

What about kilometers of white sandy beach? This is all ready for you girl at Da Nang, a coastal city in central Vietnam. Grab your swim gear for a nice sun bath and relax on My Khe beach. This beach is super clean, surprises with its incredibly large shore so that you’ll definitely find a great spot apart from the crowds. You can go water-skiing, kite surfing, go on diving trips, or just chill in the cool waters. Of course, surfing is possible and several surf schools opened their doors for beginners.

8. Get some beauty treats (Da Nang)

Vietnam is quite famous for its beauty culture and the many massage salons and shops that aim at making you feel a beauty. I am sure you will love it so much and pampering yourself is an absolute act of self-love! Nearly every kind of massage is offered and can get accompanied by various scrubs, peelings, and moisture treatments. Getting first a coffee scrub for your body makes your skin super smooth, this is what I had in Da Nang. Regarding the massage offers, they are definitely more intense than you know it from Western style salons to be. But they are the best! As a beautiful result, you take away a fresh body and relaxed mind.


9. Explore the Marble Mountains (Da Nang)

Located south of Da Nang city, you’ll spot five specific mountains – the Marble Mountains. You can explore the mountains through caves and tunnels making it a real adventure. In some caves you’ll encounter Buddhist sanctuaries and shrines letting you feel being part of this holy place. In between the mountains you’ll find pagodas and flower gardens to take a break. Additionally, you can walk to the top and enjoy an amazing outlook over the entire scenery of the Marble Mountains area and Da Nang.


10. Get lost in the lantern paradise (Hoi An)

Definitely one of my favorite spots in Vietnam is beautifully romantic Hoi An city. It’s a real lantern paradise with many new beautiful spots just right around the next corner. It’s best to explore Hoi An by foot and to decide randomly, where you wanna go next. You’ll take tons of amazing pictures with lanterns and will love the little shops that sell unique and locally produced goods. If it’s a new decor piece to bring home, some paper cards or even a lantern, you’ll find everything exactly there. And you’ll also find some nice outdoor places to eat and grab Vietnamese coffee making it perfect to watch the streets filled with colorful lanterns for even longer.

11. Create your own lantern (Hoi An)

When being in the lantern paradise, what about creating your own one to bring home? Several local providers, sometimes families from ancient lantern businesses, offer lantern creation courses. In about 2 hours you will learn a lot about lanterns, their history, and creation by your own hands. Of course, you will learn from the best to build your own gorgeous one. Materials and a variety of colorful fabrics to choose from, are usually included in the course price, same so for some tea or coffee. And the best: You’ll support locals!


12. Get yourself made a new dress (Hoi An)

Hoi An is like the mecca for beautiful and most colorful fabrics in the world. When you pass the streets near the city center, you can already spot the many sewing rooms showing outdoors the many pieces they can create for you. Usually, you pick the fabric, tell them about your design, they will get your size, and get everything ready in only a few days (how the hell do they get this done so quickly?). Make sure to order on your first day in Hoi An to pick up your new dress with a perfectly fit before you’ll head towards your next place.


13. Visit the local market and do a cooking class (Ho Chi Minh City)

Ho Chi Minh City is the main capital of Vietnam, located next to the Mekong Delta. An area known as the fruit garden of Asia. This fruitfulness fosters incredible fruits, vegetables, and so much more you have never seen before, I’ll promise. So, definitely go to the Ben-Thanh Market and have a closer look. You can ask the stall sellers to try some new sorts. Of course, this all makes Ho Chi Minh City the perfect place for participating in a cooking class using the fresh ingredients the schools buy directly from the market.

14. Pass the streets, yes you can (Ho Chi Minh City)

Be ready and brave for one of your next unique adventures in Vietnam girl! In Vietnam, scooters are literally everywhere and the “meep meep” fills the streets with incredible noises. For travelers crossing streets without lights might sound scary. Definitely it is at first sight. But it works! Go ahead and cross a street. What you have to consider is 1) walk with continuous speed and 2) never turn back. Other drivers have to understand where you are heading to and how fast to best drive around you. Good luck!


15. Hop on a boat ride on Mekong river (Can Tho)

In Vietnam, “the early bird catches the worm”. This means that people get up quite early to get their business done before the sun rises and it gets too hot. In the following, the traders on the Mekong river are early birders, too. Get yourself ready for an early morning trip and enjoy your breakfast – a yummy Pho Bo – right on your small boat while you watch the sunrise. From your boat you can watch the busy time, the hustle and bustle on the water, watch how traders do their business on these floating markets and how they have designed their life on the water. Further, you can try a pineapple as fresh off the boat as it can be.


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// Disclaimer //  I was not paid for my reviews and recommendations mentioned in this blog post. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are purely my own and can be considered as honest evaluations.


Babe, how did you like this post about traveling as a woman to Vietnam? Do you have something to add? Please leave your comments and thoughts below and share these insights with other travel lovelies. Happy exploring ♥

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