Someone is not supporting your solo travel plans? This is how to best deal with naysayers, girl.

Hey travel lovely, this new blog post will definitely open your eyes and mind simultaneously! It’ll help keeping your motivation and excitement up for your own solo travel plans! Never ever let yourself and your dreams down! Especially, when there are people around you who can’t understand you, deny your plans, criticize, or even blame you for what you are supposed to experience. Whether they drop negative reasons, that you haven’t ever thought about before, or concerns that you haven’t come up with on your own. I’ll tell you what to expect and what to do, girl!


Why don’t they support you?

First, I will tell you more about why people do this, babe! For so long, I thought their opinions are right. I haven’t travelled solo much or at some point in my life, never before. I was very sensitive to other people’s thoughts and advices. And what have I done? I believed them without doubting at all. Their advices made so much sense to me. Of course their logics made sense, but only if they would have solo travelled already, right? I had to learn that I can’t take any advice from someone who hasn’t been where I wanted to be so badly.

Thus, why do they confront you with their advices anyways? In general, it’s not about you, it’s about them. Your solo travel plans are probably their greatest trigger. You can understand other people living in kind of a comfort bubble, their own zone wherein they feel safe and protected. And now imagine that you as part of their safety & comfort bubble, want to break out and enjoy travel life just on your own. This is massive trigger that starts questioning their own bubble.

They start reflecting your solo travel idea automatically. And this in return starts questioning their own beliefs that keeps their bubble up and running. And then, their ego comes into play, that wants to stop those attacks on their bubble. So the solution to this inner conflict is promoting their own opinion towards you. You might have already noticed that so many people want to say something about your plans, although you haven’t asked them for advices! Like what could go wrong, concerns, negative beliefs, etc. Otherwise, they would give up their own bubble and let’s be honest, that will happen very rarely.


Who will support you?

Yes, there are tons of people who will support you on your way! Don’t worry too much about this and don’t be too disappointed when your cheerleaders are not from your family & friends circle. It’s ok! First, you are your greatest supporter, always. And second, there will be new people coming into your life, friends, people that inspire, empower & support you.

To be honest with you babe, I barely have people from my family circle who understand what I am doing. They live their own bubble life and solo traveling as a woman is just not part of their thing. In return to being brave and traveling alone, I met so many great people from all over the world. Exactly those women who could understand me from the first moment we’ve met. It clicked and we started supporting each other from then on. New and very close relationships got formed that let me feel so respected and alive.


The best strategies to deal with naysayers!

After you know now why people behave in that way, you get my advices as a solo female traveller, that’s exactly how I deal with suchlike naysayers and keep me motivated for my next solo travel journey. Especially, when I have a weaker moment (and we all have those moments, right?), I am still super sensitive to those negative comments. Below you’ll find my best ways how I deal with demotivating people:

⋗ Don’t overprioritize discouraging words from people around you who have never been on a solo trip before. 

⋗ Never ever read too many stories on what went wrong and bad things that have happened to solo travellers. Fear easily becomes your greatest limit. 

⋗ Instead literally inhale stories and travel tips from solo female travellers, get inspired and contagioned by their sparkling eyes when reporting about their journeys.

⋗ Get connected with people that have already done what you are wishing for. Find a new network of like-minded people, exchange your experiences and thoughts.

⋗ Believe in yourself! You are a wonderful and powerful human being, free to follow you dreams and personal desires. So, go for it! 



I know, you can overcome those obstacles, babe! Your longing for a solo trip and you’ll be on one soon. No matter what other people tell you, it’s your own experience you are about to make. In this sense, you just have to ignore them the best possible. This might sound rude, but it’s your dream and no one should stop you from realizing your own dreams.


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